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Details of Ulchemy event in Bangalore


2nd & 3rd May 2015


8:30 A.M -6:30 P.M


Rs.3500 per person


Hotel Pai Viceroy, Jayanagar, Bangalore


#1504, 16th Cross, 9th Main, Jayanagar 3 Block, Bangalore - 560 011

An golden opportunity is awaiting this weekend for all you to discover the greatness within you to progress & scale up in your life & career. We taking pride to introduce you to a life transformation program “ULCHEMY”conducted by Mr.Shiva, Founder Dakshina Foundations.

Brief note on about the Ulchemy program

Alchemy is a process that transforms any low-grade metal into precious metal. Likewise, when the transformation happens in a human being we call it ULCHEMY...Ultimate aLCHEMY.

What ULCHEMY can do for YOU?

The experience gives you a higher level of clarity and capability to handle all the Problems of life be it personal or profession or business or relationships in a most simple and efficient manner.The Uniqueness of ULCHEMY lies in its simplicity and creates a significant impact in your day to day life by not only bringing in clarity, calmness, bliss and makes you energetic throughout the day but also MANIFESTS all your GOALS.

Some KEY Benefits:

  • Unfolds the Immense Human Potential.

  • Move from linear and lateral to Radiant thinking.

  • Effortless and effective communication.

  • Immense clarity in human values and relationships.

  • Clarity in GOAL setting and achieving the same.

  • Possessing the feel of being Energetic all through the day.

  • Reveals the True Leader within you.

Apart from the above mentioned one can really find a greater experience on attending the two day session.

About Dakshina Foundation:

This is a non-profit & non-religious organization that has been conducting the ulchemy programs to various organizations & institutions.To know more check at http://dakshinafoundation.org/

Program Schedule:




Day 1


8:30 A.M -6:30 P.M

Day 2


8:30 A.M -6:30 P.M



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