U and  Money - mumbai

U and Money - mumbai


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About The Event

U & Money Workshop 
Reprogramming Your Wealth Consciousness! 




U & Money workshop is a highly impactful and experiential program which will help you remove money blockages, realign and reprogram your thoughts, behavior, attitude and very relationship towards money and wealth creation in such a powerful way that there will be an abundant flow of money and wealth in your life.



How Will This Workshop Benefit You?
 ~Discover the secrets of the truly wealthy and rich people who live their lives in complete freedom and carefree abundance.
 ~Remove your hidden money blocks which have been keeping you from getting the money and wealth you have always wanted.
 ~Understand your amazing unique strength areas.
 ~Understand and realize the true nature of money.
 ~Reprogram your consciousness to attract whatever abundance you always wanted in your life!




U & Money Workshop Includes:
 ~Discovering the Power in U
 ~Understanding Money and it’s true nature 
 ~Money affirmations
 ~Money visualization session
 ~Attracting Money using NLP techniques 
 ~Exercises/Techniques to increase Money flow 
 ~Releasing emotional money blockages
 ~Wealth Consciousness
 ~Reprogramming for wealth consciousness
 ~Laying solid foundations




About The Trainer
Govind is a compassionate trainer who has delivered over 200 Seminars, workshops and corporate programs in Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Middle East on Transformation, Empowerment, Advanced Law of Attraction & Manifestation Techniques. He is an expert in money manifestation techniques, counseling and coaching in the area of money.

With his vast knowledge of principles of wealth and abundance, Govind has transformed many lives and helped them climb the ladder of success. He is the Co Author of the best selling book "life is fundamentally management."




Prepare yourself to enjoy the riches that the abundant universe has been waiting to give you!




We promise you that it will be a life transforming experience for you!





Website Url: www.goldeninspiration.com

Phone: 09087728755


 “Change your focus from making money to serving more people          makes the money come in.” — Robert Kiyosaki                        

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