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This is a course in which you will be shared how to use Hypnosis Techniques in your personal life, Family life, Professional life, Social life and in Business too.
You will be taught how to do Self Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, Hyp

Two Days Hypnosis Anytime Anywhere Course by International Hypnosis Mentor Magic Leo


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About The Event


This is a course in which you will be shared how to use Hypnosis Techniques in your personal life, Family life, Professional life, Social life and in Business too.


You will be taught how to do Self Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Entertainment Hypnosis


Self Hypnosis


A powerful technique used for self improvement and self empowerment and this can happen effortlessly and automatically. You can get rid of your bad habits, anger, addictions, fear and phobias. You can lose your weight and become slim and trim, you can lose your belly and have six pack. You can increase your confidence, memory, intuition, self esteem, focus, in short with self hypnosis you can become what you really want. What we teach is how to change the conversation within you and the change will happen automatically. Just join one of our upcoming courses now or join online and learn at your ease


Conversational Hypnosis


Are you looking for training in soft skill, communication skill, Leadership skill, negotiation skill etc? Yes this is a one arrow shot for many of the targets you are aiming at. Just learn Conversational Hypnosis you can have it all. In your family life, professional life, business life, social life anywhere you name it one thing is the most common powerful thing which is happening everywhere Yes that's Conversation and when you know Conversational Hypnosis you know how to communicate, convince, persuade anyone anytime anywhere and get your things done and the best part is you will do this effortlessly and they won't even know that they are in your control. You can make others to say YES to you, You can make others do what you ask them to do, You can make them understand what you want you can motivate them. The more you use conversational Hypnosis the more easy your life will be and the more easily you can achieve your goals and dreams. Man I am so passionate in applying Conversational technique every moment I open my mouth and so you will be because you will come to know how powerful it is and how much it helps you to ease every moment of your life
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Hypnotherapy has been found to be one of the best technique to cure many mind related challenges and as a Hypnotist you will be doing one of the noblest jobs because you will be helping others to get rid of unwanted stress, emotions, habits, fears, phobias, pain, impotency, addictions for which they need your help so that they too can achieve their goals and dreams like anyone. With Hypnotherapy you can make them develop a great personality, confidence, bravery, and any quality they want to develop in them. Haven't you ever felt that there was someone could help you sometime that you can speedup achieving your dreams? That’s what you will be to others helping others achieve their goals and dream in minimum time. And the best part is that you even can earn money which means you can take it as a part time or a full time job. A job which is so noble that can shape a nation by empowering its citizen
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Entertainment Hypnosis


Even though Hypnosis has been projected as an occult science which is not in due course of development Hypnosis has become one of the greatest art in the entertainment world which we call it as STAGE HYPNOSIS. As much as my audience enjoyed watching my stage hypnosis I have also enjoyed performing as a Stage Hypnotist. When you know how it is done and how easy it is all you will want is to perform every evening make good money fame and happiness by entertaining a crowd that too not even using a single extra prop but the whole 2 hours show just happening only using your voice. Imagine how good it will be when you show off the power of your words put people in trance with a single snap of your finger. Make them feel believe and see what you want them to see feel and believe. The whole control is in your hands and every one follow your command. You do it once and you will never stop. watch the videos of my show and the first thing you will do is call me and ask how you can do the same as I do and become one of the great stage hypnotist in the world. Sky is the limit you can be the hero of the evening.A part from Stage Hypnosis show today the trend is to do Street Hypnosis which means you can do Hypnosis Anytime Anywhere with anyone even if you are in a street or in a small group or in a cocktail party you can be the star of the evening. You might be any kind of performer a comedian, singer, dancer, Master of ceremony Hypnosis will always come in handy.


All in short this is the Hypnosis course that will teach you how to use Hypnotic technique in each and every conversation and every second of your daily life whether you are talking to someone or talking to yourself.Even a look of yours can be very hypnotic.


A course that can change your life the more you use the more you will enjoy using Hypnosis.


See you soon


Facilitator: Magic Leo (Hypnotist And Hypnotherapist)


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