Secrets of Achieving Your Highest Potential Workshop

Secrets of Achieving Your Highest Potential Workshop


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About The Event

 ‘Aristocrat’s Secrets of Achieving Your Highest Potential workshop’ is a two day (September 23&24, 2017 Saturday & Sunday) intensive workshop where you can discover your inner true potential and will help you to take realistic measures to achieve your goals. 


Are you hungry to expand the experience of this life?


NLP is about bringing the unconscious to awareness; learning to control the physiological & psychological states. NLP serves as a tool to stimulate positive behavioral change to replace pre-existing negative habits.


Do you struggle to live a full life? A Meaningful life?


On the other hand, have you at any point thought about how a few people constantly make fruitful outcomes or how a few people see opportunity when others don't... Literally NLP was built on such questions – for most outstanding people today in IT, sports, sales, business and their personal life; NLP is their best action tool.


Become an extraordinary person by realizing your inner potential….


The program is to build confidence and congruence enabling leaders to influence with integrity, and apply their learning directly in the workplace.


What you will learn?

  • How to develop personal and professional values
  • How to create the energy that would drive you forward to enrich your life to next level
  • How to live simply happy in the present life busting the emotions that have restricted or discouraged your progress
  • How to achieve higher level of consciousness and wisdom
  • How to get connected with people of different psychological states
  • How to build superior rapport across teams and with customers
  • What are the principles of positive leadership psychology and implications
  • How to enhance your ability to influence others
  • How to inspire other people to follow you by initiating positive changes


Who can attend?

  • Those who have responsibility in managing and want to feel better equipped to facilitate real, pragmatic change
  • IT professionals & non-IT professionals, business owners those who want to enrich their purpose to next level
  • Those who want to maximize their potential and strive to live their life to the fullest
  • Those who want to create powerful change to maintain long lasting personal and business relationship


This workshop helps you to make the necessary adjustments required for your lifestyle to optimize positive outcomes.  


Anyone who wants to achieve peak experiences……… Register now

Course Investment: Rs.6000/- (inclusive of GST)

Timing: 09:00am to 06:00pm

Note : Delicious lunch and high tea on workshop days.

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