Tuesdays with the Bard featuring Jessu John

Tuesdays with the Bard featuring Jessu John


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Urban Solace - Your Café for the Soul continues to bring you innovative and exciting new ways to experience yourself. “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” now in its “153rd Evening of Poetry from the Heart” is our initiative in creating opportunities for the poets and the poetry lovers to meet in a unique setting and explore a world of creativity and limitless possibilities. 

Every Tuesday at 7 pm Urban Solace opens itself to the limitless world of possibility that envelope Urban Solace. “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” features poets reading their own creations live at the café, in a wonderful new experience of creative self expression. Tuesday 29-10-2013 we bring you Jessu John live at Urban Solace.


Jessu John is a writer, runner and journalist. A columnist with The Hindu Business Line, she writes regularly on global entrepreneurship trends. Her special features are focused on technology, arts and impact sectors. Her poems have been published in The Rusty Nail and Sugar Mule in the US, as well as in two anthologies by PageTurners, an Indian publishing outfit. Her regular days are split between marathon training, poetry and journalism. When she is not training for a 10k, half marathon or a 26.2 miler, she spends time on her first collection of verse, which is due to reach completion by the end of 2013. Her writing and running “feed off each other and interfere with each other. To have both going smoothly on most days is a blessing”. Mohan as published a number of articles in various magazines and newspapers, though the scope for publishing poetry is limited. It is therefore with pleasure that I discovered that there were a few select venues like Perry's Urban Solace that gave encouragement to poets to express themselves to a select gathering of aficionados of this form of expression.

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