Tuesdays with the Bard featuring  Aden Jay

Tuesdays with the Bard featuring Aden Jay


About The Event

Urban Solace - Your Café for the Soul continues to bring you innovative and exciting new ways to experience yourself. “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” now in its “153rd Evening of Poetry from the Heart” is our initiative in creating opportunities for the poets and the poetry lovers to meet in a unique setting and explore a world of creativity and limitless possibilities. 

Every Tuesday at 7 pm Urban Solace opens itself to the limitless world of possibility that envelope Urban Solace. “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” features poets reading their own creations live at the café, in a wonderful new experience of creative self expression. Tuesday 29-10-2013 we bring you Jessu John live at Urban Solace.

ABOUT THE POET: Aden Jay Christian

What happens when your school Principal locks you up in a room and forces you to write something for the school magazine or face consequences??!! Aden Jay managed to write his first under-pressure poem that evening and ever since there's been no stopping the writer in him. An author of two books....Aden has written scores of poetry, journals and pieces. Apart from writing books, he is also a songwriter...and is a vocalist at his church, kicking up a few controversies along the way for being a staunch vocal supporter of social inclusiveness in the church. Aden's poetry, his songs actually...they are a glimpse into the reality of life itself....that not many people have it easy and it is a delight when that pain in transformed into something beautiful...like a poem or a few words, a few real words. Come and partake of this beauty with Aden, while sharing your own words with him.

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