Travel Photography Workshop in Badami

Travel Photography Workshop in Badami


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About The Event

Travel Photography Workshop by Darter Photography

At Badami, Karnataka. Visit our website for more information


Badami is known for its rock cut temples and a history dating back more than thousand years. Travel photographers see much more than just that; this small town offers a wide variety of photography opportunities. There are red sand stones glistening in the morning sun, waterfalls that come alive and tumble down the cliffs adjacent to the caves in the monsoon months, colonies of friendly people with photogenic face who are more than happy to be subjects for your camera, a rural life where you see women washing clothes in a lake next to men scrubbing a bullock’s hide, temples in leafy environs with roots of ficus trees drooping over the gopuras, brilliant landscapes of cliffs overlooking a lake,.. The list is very long.

Darter Photography takes you to this Badami and nearby places that are a mix of well-known as well as unknown, bringing you great photography opportunities that can keep your clicking finger busy. Learn to make appealing travel images on this workshop as you discover the corners of Badami.

Workshop Content

This workshop will cover the following topics in theory and outdoor practice.

  • Quick coverage of important camera controls and concepts necessary for this workshop
  • Composition and lighting techniques
  • Travel Photography
    • scope and definitions
    • research and homework in travel photography
    • identifying subjects, environment and stories
    • observation skills
    • effectively portraying a location and its characters with your camera
    • techniques to improve the quality of your travel photography
    • travel photography and publishing – making your work known
  • A primer to photographing Badami
  • Telling a story with your photography
    • introduction to the idea of telling stories with your camera
    • defining and understanding the scope of a story
    • making the story interesting
  • Travel photography as an art
    • Making images with compositions that speak your heart and mind
    • creating images that have an impact on the viewer
  • Field sessions in and around Badami
  • Intensive image reviews

Reaching Badami

-- From Bangalore

Badami is 500km from Bangalore. Overnight buses and a train are available. Visit to see bus schedule or to see the train availability.

-- From Mumbai and Pune

Badami is 600km from Mumbai and about 460km from Pune. To reach Badami from either of these cities, you can -

  • take an overnight bus to Hubli (100km, 1.5 hours from Badami) and then take a cab or a bus to Badami
  • take an overnight bus to Gadag (70km, 1.5 hours from Badami) and then take a cab or bus to Badami

Visit see bus schedule.

-- From Hyderabad

Badami is 400km from Hyderabad. To reach Badami, take an overnight bus either to Gadag or Bagalkot and then take a cab or bus to Badami. Visit for bus schedule.

Is this workshop for you?

The travel photography workshop at Badami is for anyone who is keen to make beautiful works in travel photography that effectively tell a story. The workshop doesn’t impose any prerequisite in terms of equipment or photography skills of the participants. Join us if the learning to make beautiful travel images appeals to you.

Our photographers interact closely with every participants and work with you no matter what is your expertise level in photography. Travellers keen to see and experience the places in Badami are also welcome to join this group.

Visit our tour faq to know more details about how our photography tours are conducted.

Your Photography Expert: Arun Bhat

Accomplished travel and landscape photographer Arun Bhat’s works have been used by publications in India and across the world, all the way from Japan to USA. He is a professional photographer who has extensively travelled across India, creating some of the finest imagery of India’s landscapes and heritage sites.

Over multiple visits to Badami and surrounding areas, Arun has extensively explored and photographed the architecture, landscapes and the people of Badami. His works on Badami have been published in newspapers and travel magazines.

Important: Please visit our website for inclusions and cancellation policy for this tour.

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