Transformational Communication

Transformational Communication


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About The Event

 Focus of Program: Communicaon is one of the most important ingredients towards building successful interpersonal relaonships.It forms the cornerstone of every relaonship. Each of us has to be mindful during communicaon process. Mere realizaon of the importance of communicaon does not enhance it. This requires us to adapt and adopt a new way of communicang. The reacve modes of communicaon impede and hinder collaboraon. We oen fall prey to protecng or controlling. There is a need to realize the powerful creave pracces that enable self‐awareness and the mastery of commied communicaon. Communicang from a higher state of consciousness is an important condion for building beer relaonships and elevated organizaons.
Program Overview: The program's main focus is acquiring skills that will help develop trust, pracce through dialogues by understanding self and others. It will boost healthy relaonships by increasing agility and ability in interacng with others and sustaining the same.

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