Transform your life with Reiki

Transform your life with Reiki


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About The Event

Reiki is a Japanese technique which helps in holistic healing. It aids you to not only heal your physical body but also brings about changes in your mind, attitude and helps in your spiritual growth.

Reiki helps to heal yourself, your kids, your loved ones and even your pets as well as in wish fulfillment. Come and experience this beautiful World in a special workshop designed especially for all those who want to experience the hidden abilities of self-healing and healing others.

Level 1 includes:

History of Reiki
Benefits and Miracles of Reiki 
Law of attraction 
Power of thoughts 
Chakra healing 
Self healing 

Reiki Second Degree Welcomes you into the world of distant healing. After Attunement of second degree you will be able to send healing distantly anywhere. You will get three most powerful symbols through which you can heal anyone in world without any limitation of time, space, you can heal your past traumas, childhood sufferings, relationships, past lives, job, career, future events, goal manifesting, objects living and non living both. You will also learn about crystals and how they can combined with Reiki can heal faster and their healing properties.

Level-2 includes:

How to heal others 
Distance healing 
Aura cleansing 
Goals and manifestations
Chakra meditations
Relationship and Finances healing 
Vision board 
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