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Attend this workshop to get equipped with the tools and techniques to successfully undertake skills audits. Delegates will delve into bench marking and preparing learning and development schemes. This workshop is inte

Training Need Analysis and Assessing the Impact of Training


About The Event


Attend this workshop to get equipped with the tools and techniques to successfully undertake skills audits. Delegates will delve into bench marking and preparing learning and development schemes. This workshop is interactive and delivers training on identifying and developing the skills and knowledge required to plan training to further business objectives. It is ideal for those who manage teams or are responsible for HR training.

This workshop also equips participants with a comprehensive framework to help them assess the impact of training on employees in their organisation. Participants will delve into the crucial questions “What difference is the training making and how do we know?”.

Delegates will learn how to use this framework for planning and implementing a diagnostic process to generate clear statements of the business, performance and learning objectives for an investment in training. 


Delegates will leave this course equipped to:

Training Need Analysis

  • Identifying current skills
    – Audit
    – Identify gaps
    – Competency frameworks
    – Versatility Charts
  • Training needs analysis
    – Benchmarking
    – Job specification
    – Key performance indicators
  • Learning and development plan
    – What is it?
    – How to use it
    – Managing employee expectation
  • Benefits to the business
    – Return on investment
    – The cost of not doing it
    – Regulation

Assessment of Training:

  • Improve the business focus of training
  • Improve the satisfaction level of the board, line management and trainees
  • Ensure training has a practical impact on your business
  • Get better value for your money
  • Develop results, behaviour and learning objectives for training programmes
  • Improve the level of transfer of learning to the job
  • Give learners the knowledge and skills which will change their behaviours positively
  • Maximise the learners’ engagement and application of the training
  • Enhance internal policies on evaluation
  • Measure and report the impact of your training programmes to justify financial outlay
  • Identify the behaviour, learning and reaction objectives for a training programme to match your business objectives.
  • Measure and state the results at each level
  • Identify the full costs and benefits of a programme
  • Describe the evaluation process 


Course Content 

The course is centred on the following topics:

Session 1

  • Understand how to carry out a training needs analysis
  • Learn how to write a job specification by identifying the knowledge skills and behaviours required.
  • Provide managers with the people skills to develop the skills and motivation of their team
  • Write and use a learning development plan
  • Identify sources of learning programmes
  • Deliver return on investment in training

Session 2

Developing objectives at Kirkpatrick’s four levels:

  • Results
  • Behaviour
  • Learning
  • Reaction

Drafting Behavioural Objectives

Session 3

Designing objectives based training

Identifying appropriate solutions

Increasing transfer of learning

Increasing learner engagement

Overview of the evaluation process

  • Levels of evaluation
  • The ROI Methodology model 


Session 4 

Developing an evaluation strategy

  • Working with hard and soft data
  • Results-based process
  • Linking needs assessment with evaluation


Benefits to the business 

  • Improved value from training
  • The cost of not doing it
  • Regulation



Personal action plan.


Target Audience

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed towards HR professionals responsible for learning and development and for planning, providing and justifying the training of staff.


Faculty :

 Dr. Ashis Sen

  • Head ‐ Training (Strategy Building, Translation, Monitoring and Review) in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.
  • Has been recognized by Dr. Daniel Goleman and Dr. Richard Boyatzis the two legends in the field of EI and Leadership for his outstanding work and contribution in the field of EI.
  • Dr. Sen has functioned as a key member of the team of coaches entrusted with the Change Initiative, Creativity & Innovation at HPCL for 5 years.
  • Sen is certified on Executive Coaching from the renowned Hay Group.
  • He visited Harvard Business School, Boston USA, in May 2010 on their invite to build case study on communication practices and visioning process adopted at HPCL.
  • Dr. Sen has authored a book titled Fuelling Success‐ on the transformation of HPCL .
  • Dr. Sen’s articles have been published in International Magazines like Reflections and Systems Thinker, Balanced Scorecard Report (Harvard Business Publishing),Times of India, Human Factor, Petrotech,amongst other leading journals.


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