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TRAIN YOUR BRAIN is a ‘ZARA HUT KE’ webinar-it addresses the very important issue of or low THINKING PRODUCTIVITY.It is based on the premise that we all have the necessary brainpower to lead a HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL life. Unfort



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About The Event

Event Summary:

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN is a ‘ZARA HUT KE’ webinar-it addresses the very important issue of or low THINKING PRODUCTIVITY.

It is based on the premise that we all have the necessary brainpower to lead a HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL life. Unfortunately, we fail to utilise it to its potential- that’s why for most, life is happy only in patches, mediocre generally & stressful often

This is a Blind Spot for most!

This 90-minute webinar will help you:

a) Understand the way you "Think", and the concept of "Active Clear Thinking"

b) Learn how best to use Thinking as a Life-skill. 

It will cover the following aspects: 

      What is Thinking? (Definition, aspects etc.) 

✅        Why think about Thinking? (Role criticality, linkage with life, happiness etc.) 

✅        What is good quality Thinking ?(Benchmark, Active Clear Thinking – ACT…) 

✅        How do we Think?.. (Current Thinking Dynamics, Daniel Kahneman’s Fast & Slow modes …) 

✅        What all curtails our Thinking Productivity (Blocking factors etc.) 

✅        How do we enhance ‘Thinking Productivity’? (conceptual guidelines, a few habits, good practices and some Thinking Templates & Tools…) 

All this will help you enhance your Thinking Productivity and put you on the track that leads to the HAPPIER life you aspire for…!! 

Event Details: 

1.    We are thinking 16 x 7…. 16 waking hours, 7 days a week, to make our choices and decisions to navigate through life.

Correct choices make a successful life – a winning life.! So you need to choose wisely.

That makes good quality thinking is the single most important competency- it is the key to a happier life

But, there is a problem- we have a blind spot! Even the smartest of us are unaware that we are thinking significantly below our POTENTIAL

Also, Thinking is an evolved skill, but we treat it like an activity

9 out of 10 people make no conscious efforts' to develop it, with the objective of leading a happier life

Think for yourself- other than attend school and college, what have you done consciously to enhance your Thinking Productivity

Quite independently, The World Economic Forum has identified top 10 key skills in 2025. The report states these are likely to be required to thrive in work situations and which will be the key differentiators in the times to come! 

Interestingly, 5 out of the 10 are connected to Thinking.


2.  Deepak has created a robust ‘Body Of Knowledge [BOK] on THINKING’, standing on the shoulders of 3 giants and by drawing ideas and themes from their overall work in this area and their important books:

- Eli Goldratt, the Founder of TOC -Theory of Constraints [THE CHOICE…],

- Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman (THINKING FAST & SLOW ), and

-Swamy Parthasarathy ( FALL OF HUMAN  INTELLECT and Vedantic tenets).

And integrating them together into a working narrative, with ‘Active Clear Thinking’ -ACT, as its key mantra.  

It also includes his personal insights and thinking templates that he has developed along the way.

He calls this The ACT(Active Clear Thinking) NARRATIVE.

He lives by it and feels that he has benefited, benefitted immensely from that, and will continue to do so…

This intervention draws from The Act Narrative and is geared to increase your Thinking Productivity

So, prepare to RESET the way you manage your THINKING, to achieve the happiness you strive for in your life!


 About the Speaker: 

Deepak Sethi [IIT-K, IIM-A Alumni, Founder – SolutionsQED] 

Deepak Sethi is an alumnus of Modern High School, New Delhi, IIT Kanpur and IIM Ahmedabad. He began Sales and Marketing career at Philips followed by decade long-stints with Hindustan Unilever and Cadbury.

He has held leadership responsibilities at the Director & CXO Levels at Cadbury, Dabur, LML etc., before entering the field of consulting in 2005.

Deepak’s domain expertise lies in Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain. He leverages his extensive knowledge of the Indian marketplace & the ‘Theory of Constraints’ (TOC) framework in his consulting projects, which are geared to help clients achieve breakthrough and sustainable growth.

He has been speaking on the subject of ‘Thinking Productivity’ at TOC International Conferences from 2015 onwards. This June 2020, he spoke at the TOC global virtual conference on this very subject.

He is a student of Vedanta and a keen observer of the design of life and human behaviour.

His personal mission is to help people ‘Think Clearly’- and thus be HAPPIER…he is one of the handful of speakers and trainers globally, who deals with Thinking as a life-skill…the way we use it 16 x 7 ie. 16 waking hours, 7 days a week.

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