Train The Trainer Workshop By Parikshit Jobanputra

Train The Trainer Workshop By Parikshit Jobanputra


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In the last couple of months, many people have asked me,

How was your journey as a motivational speaker and lifecoach?

How can I bring positive change in other people’s life

Some asked, I also want to be a motivational speaker or lifecoach like you, so how can I start?

So I, wanted to bring out some inputs from my journey of last 12 years and I am sure it will help you too! You know guys, the first motivational training i did was only for 10 people. That time was the beginning period of training industry in India, so there was no support system for people like me and also no awareness in peopletowards Training/Coaching. So I was left with only one way for my journey and that was“TRIAL & ERROR”.

The journey was a roller coaster ride in the way I found many trainers who lost their path or didn't achieve success the way they should have & few totally disappearedfrom the industry. Yes, I too faced my failures (Experience) in my journey. Instead of losing my hope, I was trying, trying and trying and there comes the day when it clicked and“THE SECRET FORMULA” was found.

By applying "THE SECRET FORMULA" I grew my training business rapidly. And till date i have transformed over 1.2 million lives in 12 years of time. Infect I fulfilled all my dreams in life. I also got brand new Mercedes-Benz by the age of 29 only. Again, by applying the same “THE SECRET FORMULA” today my company is growing more 100% every year. Every month around 10000+ people attend my live programs. More 1.5 lac viewers watch my videos from 52+ countries worldwide. 
If i can, so can you!


Today I am living my dream life. At the age of 33, i am financially free. So from now, I am on a new mission and altogether on a new journey to help trainers & coaches to grow their business & live their dream life Through my 7-Days “Train the Trainer Certification Course” (From 1st to 7th ‘May-2017 in Ahmedabad) Here I will share my“THE SECRET FORMULA” with you to grow your training / coaching business.


More importantly, you’ll be on the fast track to creating your 7-figure speaking empire. Check out what you’re going to learn...


1) Top secret for earning 1-million per month from Training & Counselling

2) How to plan and organize professional presentations?
3) How to develop a natural communication style, which people would love to listen?

4) Learn to sell your ideas with clarity and be so unique that it inspires others.

5) How to coach participants and lead them to continuous improvement?

6) Future of training/coaching Industry

7) How to design training seminars & workshops to produces change?

8) Do’s & Don’t for creating a million dollar training empire.

9) Financial planning for trainers and coaches.

10) How to design and develop new products and services?

11) How to get highly paid clients for training and coaching?

12) How to make money even while you are sleeping?

How, Mr. Ashok Patel started earning from 60,000 to 3,00,000 in a month?

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Do you know Mr.Anil has also applied my "THE SECRET FORMULA"

Today he is very successful WEALTH COACH,

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P.S.- Remember, this is the most personalized speaking event I’ve ever offered - and the most custom-tailored, experience-inspired education you’ll ever get as we are accepting only 10 entrants. Don’t miss this opportunity! Apply Now

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