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Future Construct presents a five days non-residential workshop on
11th -15th  February, 2013, in Mumbai
Timing: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM,

Future  Construct is a leading

TRAIN THE TRAINER (T3) along with MIND MAP & IMAGE MANAGEMENT 11th. - 15th. Feb 13 Mumbai


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About The Event

Future Construct presents a five days non-residential workshop on
11th -15th  February, 2013, in Mumbai
Timing: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM,

Future Construct is a leading corporate training organization with over 100 man years of experience. We have helped over 500 companies, trained over 10,000 individuals and 5,000 students.
We are coming up with an Power Packed Unique five days non-residential workshop which will be a Game Changer in each and every participant’s career who will be attending this workshop.
These five days will create a Live Wire out of you, making you a Super Successful trainer. The uniqueness of the program lies in the course design which enables you to learn not only the training tools and techniques but also a powerful tool of MIND MAP. Not just that it also has an entire segment that recreates your personality as a trainer.
To become a World Class Trainer a perfect mind is needed for which you need to use Mind Map, a Mind Map is a thinking tool used by an estimated 1 billion people that reflects externally what goes on inside your head. Anything you may want to do in terms of thinking, contemplation, cognition, remembering, creating, it is the ideal tool for that. MIND MAPS have infinite applications for business, education and self-development and with a great mind you need to have a great personality which you can get from Image Management; it helps in bringing about an “inside” out transformation. 
Great Trainer is someone who turns their expertise into effective learning. When you understand the science behind the adult learning and develop an interactive skill set, even dry subject matter becomes engaging. This program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to contribute to the learning culture of your organization.
Become a skilled, Confident And Successful Trainer who knows how to get their students interested and keep them involved with your charm & knowledge.

General theme:


Learn about advance tools & techniques of becoming a World Class Trainer
Video Mirroring Sessions
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Competency Mapping
Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation Models
When to use tools like Case Studies, Role Plays, etc.
Design a Training Program
Write Training Goals & Objectives
Process to Conduct a Training Need Analysis
Use the Tool of Mind Map
Personality Development / Image Consultancy

Goals & Objectives:
At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:
  • Independently assess their strengths & limitations.
  • Learn to be more confident.
  • Learn to use the tool of Mind Map.
  • Develop skills to be an effective trainer.
  • Develop powerful presentation skills.
  • Build on their interpersonal skills.
  • Develop skills to analyze training needs.
  • Learn latest methods in training.
  • Learn to design a good training program.
Program Topics:
  • Delivering a lecture in a training session.
  • Visual Body Language
    • Introduction to body language
    • Understanding your body
    • The body talks – Reading the Signs & Signals
  • Vocal
    • Voice modulation
    • Tone, tenor & pitch
  • Communication skills, presentation skill
    • Planning, organizing, developing and delivering the lecture
    • Audience analysis
    • Objection handling
  • Active listening - "The mother skill in communication"
    • Self-Assessment – are you a good listener?
    • Understanding the basic concept of listening
    • The listening mind
  • Designing the content of a training / classroom sessions
  • Creating powerful opening
    • Creating icebreakers, energizer in a training session
    • Opening, sequencing and closing the training session- process
  • Designing the classroom program
    • Understanding participant needs
    • Difference between goals & objectives
    • Elements of a good design
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA)
    • Elements of TNA
    • Cascading TNA to design
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
    • A powerful tool to understand the context, content analysis in the training session
    • Learn to write the training goals, objectives, training manuals, etc.
  • Creating a positive environment in a classroom
  • Trainer's communication style
    • Your style & participant style
    • Body language – understanding cues
    • Handling questions
  • Handling difficult situation
    • Different difficult situations & how to handle them
    • Managing time in a training program

Training Methodology:
  • Our training methodology is based on the "high impact participant centered model" which focuses on 'experiential learning' rather than didactic lectures; thereby, enabling maximum opportunity to learn and practice the newly acquired skills.
  • A variety of personally relevant and interactive exercises will be utilized to convey the learning.
  • Activities such as games, simulations, role plays, individual presentations, focus group discussions & some written exercises will form the basis of the training sessions. 
  • The sessions will be completely participant centered enabling maximum opportunity to learn and practice the new skills.

Trainer's Profile:

Mr. Dharmendra Rai – He is an expert Mind Map Trainer and Mumbai's First Mind Map Trainer Coached by Tony Buzan himself. He is India's First and Only Double ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor. He has trained more than 1000 trainers and helped the L&D professionals to improvise the use of Mind Map techniques in their personnel & professional life.
Mr. Rahul Raj – is an expert facilitator. He is consulted by the Industry to restructure & create learning environment in the organisations. Being a Senior Quality Consultant at QCI he has helped numerous professionals reshape & grow as trainer leading the L&D industry.
Ms. Greeshma Thampi – She is one of the first few Image Consultant in India and has carved niche for herself helping Trainers and L&D professionals in improving their Persona & Image. She has been instrumental in making these professionals Outstanding Image in the industry.


About Future Construct:

Future Construct epitomizes life-long learning. Learning and implementation of learning enables employees to work towards business excellence. Learning prepares us to reach goals and solve problems. At Future Construct we provide a robust range of strategic learning solutions which delves into development of people and organization at all levels.

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