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Turn your life experiences into strategies and principles to transform life of others, to help them achieve their goals.
“Train the Trainer”– a vision to develop the next generation of human potential leaders throughout the country

Train The Trainer certification program


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About The Event

Turn your life experiences into strategies and principles to transform life of others, to help them achieve their goals.

“Train the Trainer”– a vision to develop the next generation of human potential leaders throughout the country.

A progressive realization of your dreams through strategically designed modules, sessions, work books and activities.

The transformational training methodologies to meet your inner self with your higher version.

Since we born we all have experienced a lot throughout our life that we have a story to inspire others and teach them the exact methodologies to live a life full of happiness, joy, abundance and success. We have learned a lot through our life experiences to teach others how to face problems and hoe to overcome hard times.

This life journey and all the struggles, setbacks or hard times we have faced and the right steps we took to overcome all the bad phases in life taught us all the life skills and life hacks one needs to master to go through in life.

And that is what makes you to bring that teacher from inside of you and teach others all those life skills which transformed your life. Your desire to teach these principles to others is so high, that you are desperate to launch yourself in front of the world. You are not alone, there are thousands and millions others on the same page as you are.

The question is, how you will get that platform? Despite being experienced a lot throughout the life and after gaining so much of knowledge, how you can change your-self into a highly successful life coach?

To give wings to your dreams and goals, Mind Bling comes with one of its kind “Train the trainer workshop”- a transformational training methodology to meet your inner-self with your higher version.

You know all the methods, steps, principles to go ahead in life. You don’t need any motivation or inspiration in your life, you already have enough. No one can teach you how to live life, what are the parameters of happiness, what your strength is, what is your weakness and what you should start or skip to get success. You have a sound knowledge about life, you have experienced and gone through all the challenges in your life. You have gained that vast knowledge from that now you can transform millions to get best from their life.

So, the concern is what you need to learn in order to bring a leader from your inside, to become a life coach and a trainer to inspire others?

“Mind Bling – one stop training solution”- we have the answer for you.

Like hundreds of our trained life coaches you will become a life coach and will start living your dream. All you need to do is to know how you can idealize your life experience into a life changing theory, how you can teach others the necessary life skills to live their best life. All you need is to align all those life experiences in to a specifically designed content ready to deliver from the emotions of you learning.

You don’t need any motivation in your life, all you need is to create your unique way of delivering a message to others so that they can feel it, experience it as you did and bring out their passion and aspiration.

Most of the people run after seminars , training , videos and books to get motivation and inspiration to become a trainer/ life coach.

A motivational book and seminar will never made you a Trainer or Coach, Do you think you need pumping to make you a life coach? Do you think you need motivation to live your dreams?

From the bottom of your heart , you know you are not lacking motivation in your life, all you need is the Principles which will help you to formulate a plan that helps you to teach others your ideas and experiences from your own  life.

Most aspiring trainers join highly decorated motivational seminars with a dream to become a life coach one day. But soon after few days of completing the seminar they find themselves in the same situation as before the seminar. Why?  Because a few moments of pumping can’t make you an identity worth following.

You need to implement those principles in your life which you are expecting to give others. You need to follow those methodologies in your life which you want to deliver to others. You need to go through the exact schedule which you want to teach others. You need to get success first before teaching others the blueprints of success.

And to achieve this you need a constant follow up, a continuous back support, a mentor who will be keeping record of your each and every action. Who can mend you exactly the same way you dream of.

Mind Bling’s train the trainer – is not a motivational pumping seminar, it is a step by step guide to transform you into a life coach. It is a book which teaches you from your own life experiences. T3CP- it is a assistance which you will get till you don’t stand up and speak in front of others, it will take you through to your journey of teaching life changing principles top others.

4- Days residential workshop + 3- Months online training + 1- Day Review and Business support workshop.

Much above a seminar or workshop, it’s a programme/course for your self –mastery. 4- Powerful days followed by 3- months of online follow up training and assistance to go deep on the learned topics and guide you to implement learned principles in your life.

After successfully completing the programme, we meet for 1- glorious day to build lifelong network and ultimately share business support.

This day you will be certified to achieve your life goals, will start teaching others what you have learned and achieved so far by becoming a Life coach.

Taking your self- mastery to the next level-

As you are well aware of the fact that the milestones cannot be achieved by taking a large step at a time, infact it is achieved by taking several small steps regularly in right direction.

Similarly, your dream to become a decorated public speaker, motivator, trainer will only be achieved by taking such small but effective steps by learning and implementing life transforming principles.

“Train the trainer “ – is a guide to those who-

  • Are struggling for success
  • Having troubled business.
  • A speaker or trainer struggling to get audience.
  • Struggling in your life and career and unable to find possible ways to take your life to next level.
  • Blocked your potential by emotional and energy blockages.

“Train the trainer”- is a step by step winning formula which helps you to transform your -self and teach such life changing principles to transform others.

Specifically designed content and modules empowers you to apply such life transforming principles into your life that it helps you to fulfil your desire of-

  • Becoming a professional speaker, trainer and life coach.
  • Taking your career to the peak.
  • Transforming your life for the best.
  • Develop your own life changing strategies.
  • Entering into the zone of eminent leaders.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur                                                                                         

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