Total Rejuvenation Retreat

Total Rejuvenation Retreat


About The Event

Welcome to the ‘Total Rejuvenation Retreat’, a 7-day program on the integration & healing of your mind, body & spirit.

It has been designed primarily as a residential program with amazing activities that will completely cut you off from the stressed life you knew, to experience some wonderful days of de-stressing, detoxification, healing, learning, and an awakening of your natural and deeper side.

You will leave this program with a sense of empowerment, clarity & confidence, and an inner knowing that your life has already begun to transform in amazing ways.

People living in Goa can attend parts of this retreat as individual classes too. They will have to choose which segments from below and call 8888409687 to find out their cost.

Day Schedule:

7am – 8:30am: Sun Yoga on The Beach / Acupressure Session / Yoga in Nature / Forest Trek to Natural Spring / Dynamic Meditation

9am – 9:30am: Healthy Detoxifying Breakfast

10am - 12:30pm: Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Group Therapy / Personal Health Consultations / Wellness Movie. A different session on each of the 7 days. For the content of this workshop please see

1pm: Healthy Veg Lunch

2pm – 5:30pm: The Alchemy of Spiritual Transformation workshop – Part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI / Part VII. One class on each of the 7 days. For the content of this workshop please

4pm: Herbal Tea break - Class continued till 5:30pm.

6pm: Meditation / Satsang / Fun at the beach / Mountain trek / Marketplace 

8pm: Healthy Veg Dinner

9pm: Bonfire Stories / Conscious Movies / Stargazing on the Beach

During this retreat there will also be specialized & individual services available, such as internal organ natural detoxes, foot reflexology, body detox massage, hand acupressure treatment, hot herbal poultice treatment, warm stone treatment, tarot card reading, energy healing, and intuitive clairvoyant readings as paid services. 

This retreat has been compiled by Therapist & Alchemist Darryl D'Souza, Healer & Therapist Minakshi Singh and Therapist & Spa Consultant Deepa Desa for your Integrated Healing of Mind, Body & Spirit. For pricing details please email with details of whether you would like to avail of the complete retreat package that includes accommodation at the venue, or if you want to attend specific segments only.

For those of you who plan to stay back in Goa on 8th March (Sunday), there will be a 'Satori Music for Bliss Workshop' at Saraya. For details and to register for this workshop, please see

For pickups and drops from the venue, please call 8888409687.

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