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Total Quality Individual



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About The Event

Total Quality Individual is a Compulsive Prerequisite, which impacts the organizational Productivity and Profitability. It is a movement which transforms the TEAM and brings about a sense of ownership amongst individuals.

The handholding exercise empowers the employees to understand, accept, learn and implement the Quality concepts with respect to oneself. This results in an environment of learning, growth, team building, better quality products and services leading to higher productivity in all stages resulting in higher profits. Excellence becomes more of a norm than an exception.

The concept of Total Quality Initiative is applicable to all organizations, big or small, and for all industries from diverse fields such as Manufacturing, Education, Engineering, Telecom, Banking, Travel and Services as well as Public Sector organizations.

The main focus in TQI is to impact the individual. We need to develop a positive attitude in our team members by Constant learning and being exposed to advanced individual skills, required for giving the best output. Then the individual can work as a team, accepting the company culture to attain the best of the common organizational goals.

 Mind Management & Self Empowerment
 Effective Communications
 Emotional Balance
 People Skills

The qualities of a TQI ( need development and Focus on the below attributes ) that the program addresses are the skills in Handling :

 Ability
 Achievement
 Adversity
 Attitude
 Simplicity
 Creativity

Structure of the program will include:

 Pre-evaluation and Post-evaluation
 Group discussions
 Group tasks
 Interactive question-answer sessions
 Presentations with anecdotes

Benefits to the participants

 Unravel the Total Quality Individual
 Inculcate a Positive Attitude, and Leadership Qualities
 Match Personal Goals with Company Goals
 Create an empowered, progressive and result oriented TEAM

All the above is possible along with the Self – visualization process which is conducted to enable blossoming.

The success of the Individual is the Success of the Organisation.

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