Tokamachi Natsumero Association India Tour With Enka Singer Chadha

Tokamachi Natsumero Association India Tour With Enka Singer Chadha


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Tokamachi Natsumero Aikokai India Tour starring Chadha, The first ever Foreign Enka singer of Japan and Band.

A charity Fundraiser show for the Tohoku Tsunami and Earthquake Disasters.
Genre of entertainment: Japanese Enka Music Performance

Japan went through rapid westernization during the Meiji period without having to be a colony for the west, which made Japan the country that it is today; a highly modernized forward country influenced by the western culture. On the other hand, it was proven by a survey conducted by the NHK National Radio in the 30’s that, 70% of the Japanese people long for the traditional Japanese music, known as the Naniwabushi (Enka) that came about during the Meiji period. Even till date, there are a lot of people who turn to Enka to rejuvenate the feeling of being a Japanese national. The Tokamachi Natsumero Association in the Tokamachi in Niigata was formed thirty-nine years ago. As an Enka appreciation group they formed a full live musical band, and have been dedicated to it since then.

Chadha and the Tokamachi Natsumero Association came in contact when Chadha performed on the main stage at “Namaste India” (Indian cultural festival held at the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, which saw over 1,70,000 people at the most recent one) in 2009. This was the stage for his re-debut as an Enka singer after 30 years.

Entry : Free (You are free to make contribution to support Tohoku Tsumani & Earthquake victims)

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