TMMi Webinar - An overview of Test Maturity Model Integrated (TMMi)

TMMi Webinar - An overview of Test Maturity Model Integrated (TMMi)


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About The Event

In the wake of global adoption of the TMMi® model by many testing organisations, KPMG inIndia’s Software Test Advisory team would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend a webinar on “An overview of Test Maturity Model Integrated (TMMi®)".


Software testing forms an integral and a critical aspect in the SDLC. The software testing industry is currently facing multiple challenges to streamline and improve their processes to meet the demands of clients. Software test process models are being adopted globally to enhance and improve testing processes across the industry.


TMMi® (Test Maturity Model Integration) is perceived by many as the de-facto model for test improvement and assessment. Many organisations and individuals are increasingly adopting TMMi® to improve their software test process and have their test process or test organisation, TMMi®accredited. 


Do enroll in the programme to be one among the early adopters of TMMi® or to understand the TMMi® basics, which could help your organisation align to this model.


Session objectives:


*Insights into changing face of software testing industry

*Discussion on current challenges in software testing processes

*Understanding of the TMMi® model and its origins

*Understanding of the TMMi® process areas

*Sharing success stories of TMMi® model

*Put forward the potential benefits of TMMi ®model.


Audience profile:


*TMMi® enthusiasts

*Testing heads

*Test managers

*Test consultants

*Test leads and analysts.


Presenter’s profiles:

This interactive session would be facilitated by seasoned TMMi® professionals who have assisted many leading Indian IT services firms and product companies with TMMi® implementation, readiness and the final assessment against the TMMi® Level 5 maturity levels.


*Geoff Thompson currently serves as the Consultancy Director for Experimentus, and was elected chairman of the TMMi® foundation management executive committee in 2009. He was awarded the coveted EuroSTAR European Testing Excellence award in 2008 in recognition of his leadership and contribution to software testing.


*Rajesh Kannan in the role of a TMMi® assessor has provided training, assessment and accreditation to multiple large IT service testing providers TMMi® Model Level 5. He also has experience in implementing software test process models for multiple testing organisations.


To register for this free webinar, email :