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Neuro Linguistic Programming
One more Major Step….. We are constantly creating our Future and handle the changes which keep happening all the time.  We bring forth our expressions acco

Take Massive Action - Foundation in NLP


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About The Event

Take Massive Action




Neuro Linguistic Programming


One more Major Step….. We are constantly creating our Future and handle the changes which keep happening all the time.  We bring forth our expressions according to our Thoughts, Actions, Feelings, Beliefs, Values, Goals & Dreams. We do this regardless of the level of our Conscious Awareness. Our Present moment of Awareness coupled with the Future that we create, is a deeper Reflection of our Subconscious Programming which is done according to our past Information & Experiences


Neuro Linguistic Programming works on the basis of Neuro Science, and also the Thinking Patterns that reflect on Human Actions & Behavior. This is a Happening Technology all over the world which is an outcome of Intense Research done by the Clinical Psychologists, the Scientists of Neuro Science and Mental Health Studies. This Technology is the ‘Call of the Day’ and is being backed strongly by the Universities / Institutions  all over the World.


Furthermore, we work with the highest possible Quality, Integrity and with a Deep Commitment to the Personal and Professional Development of each Individual we coach. NLP – the technology is a very powerful tool and need to be understood and experienced right from the start. 


The 2 days foundation program  caters to individuals, as well as the corporate world.  The workshop deals with experiencing NLP right away and enables one to start taking action, converting Potential Knowledge to Massive Action.  The program is designed to suit individuals from all walks of life and the corporate world.


Take away from the 2 days foundation NLP program


1. The fundamentals of Neuro science and its relevance to Neuro Linguistic Programming


2. Conversion of Potential Knowledge into Massive Action – the secret


3. Explore the hidden  potential within, understand self strengths and weakness, go beyond the barriers and limitations and restructure belief systems towards productivity


4. Experiencing the Technology and creating awareness of Thought Processes to enhance quality of living and life and for handling a larger vision of Self and Professional Excellence


5. Understanding the role of metal maps in dealing with situation, experiences and people and the art of changing the mental maps to a more focused direction


6. Working on utilizing some of the techniques of Neuro Linguistic programming for Business development and sustainability and Individual, Family and Ecology – magical transformation


7. Building relationships instantly through rapport building and enhancing the quality of relationships


8. Create, modify and negate behavioral patterns towards the desired outcome in personal and organizational excellence


Targeted Audience


> Middle Management


> Department Heads


> Sales Team leaders


> Team leaders


> Counselors


> Consultants


> Procurement and Purchasing Department


> Customer Interface Executives


> Experienced Executives


and all those who are looking to Improve their Skills in the more Challenging and Changing Climate in a Competitive World.


[NLP is a technology which has the Ability to handle different Individuals with different Wants for a given Skills. We are Aware that the People come from different Backgrounds, Cultures and Belief Systems].


Venue :  Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Date :  26th & 27th November, 2015 [ 2 Days Non - Residential]


Time :   9 am to 5 pm




Those who complete the Foundation Program are eligible for NLP Practitioner Certification with Us


Coach :  Reena Jabran


For further Details Contact

Krishna Vijay (Call, SMS, WhatsApp or Mail)

Ph:  +91-94946-50077



Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

A Registration Form will be sent upon receipt of your Confirmation of Participation by mail, which has to be filled and sent back to us.
Please note that full Payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. Fees is Inclusive of Lunch & Tea on both Days

Incase the participant is not able to attend the program due to any reason, the Investment will not be Refunded under any circumstances. The participant can either send somebody else with a note mentioned on mail by the registered person only [or] decide to attend the next similar program paying only the Logistics amount.
If you don’t show up at the training or abandon the training at any point during the training no refund is due

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