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Tirutsava is a conflation between technology and culture. The name is derived from a fusion of the words, \

Tirutsava 2019


  • Band Performance

    This year we're set to host Lagori, a band specializing in folk rock music based on a fusion of and Western cultural elements. Their music is inspired by the rich cultural diversity of India and reflects the values of our fest. They're making waves in the independent music scene in India and have enthralled audiences at various IITs and IIMs, including IIT Guwahati, with their performances. Come and join us to witness a display of their pleasing and dazzling musical talents.

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  • DJ Night Extravaganza

    Get ready to rock the floor with your own group of friends! Take a break from hectic schedules and ...daily lectures, as DJ night is coming to fuel up your energies. An ensemble of DJs, including Get Massive, Axonn, and the Progressive Brothers, are set to light up the EDM Night this year. Hit the dance floor and groove to their dazzling beats! Soak in the atmosphere of joy as your feet move to the latest chartbusters and the old favourites!

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About The Event

Tirutsava is a conflation between technology and culture. The name is derived from a fusion of the words, "Tiru", from Tirupati, the city which houses our esteemed institute and "Utsava" which literally translates to “festival”. Tirutsava aims to celebrate tradition and technology, not as two incompatible, self-reliant fields, but as complementary concepts furthering societal development. With this intent, we bring forth the “Tirutsava” in Tirupati.

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# Mad About Ideas.............###################


 To build an entrepreneur ecosystem and to encourage innovation, TIRUTSAVA-2019, “Mad About Ideas“ challenge in collaboration with IIT Tirupati, 7inQ and StartAP is designed to be an INNOVATION ACCELERATOR, to encourage participants to identify and develop original, innovative proposals on pressing social and/or environmental issues at the district, state, national or global level by individuals and teams across the respective universities or colleges of districts of Andhra Pradesh, and then find an innovative business-oriented approach to solve them, thereby creating jobs and wealth.

Based on the Digital India theme we have identified three broad categories of challenges and you can choose to join the competition in any of the following categories:

  1. Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen

  2. Governance & Services on Demand

  3. Digital Empowerment of Citizens



 The Mad About Ideas challenge is designed to be an “INNOVATION ACCELERATOR” and to encourage participants to develop original, innovative proposals (versus detailed business plans) in the form of a two-page paper.

 The Challenge has two rounds a Preliminary Round which is judged online, and a Final Round. Selected finalists will compete, in person on Saturday/Sunday, Feb 2nd/3rd, 2019 in Tirupati, for cash prizes to help them launch their innovative idea.

  • Tuesday, Jan 22nd, 2019 – Deadline for online registration (intent to compete only)
  • Friday, Jan 25th, 2019 – Deadline for submission of two-page paper
  • Monday, Jan 28th, 2019 – Announcement of finalists
  • Saturday/Sunday, Feb 2nd/3rd, 2019 – Final round

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