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Let\'s face it, most time management systems are broken. And if you\'ve been to time management training or read time management books you\'ve probably been disappointed with the results and outcome.
A new approach to time manageme

Time Magicment- How to Manage Your Time for Amazing Results


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About The Event


Let's face it, most time management systems are broken. And if you've been to time management training or read time management books you've probably been disappointed with the results and outcome.

new approach to time management needs to be taken in today's world. It's no longer black and white of do things this way, memorize this or sort or file this that way to make sure that you maximize your time.

In today’s business environment work-life balance and understanding who you are is fundamental to making sure you get the most from your time. This webinar will bring practical tips and ideas to you, the business owner or business leader, so that you can make more of your time to accomplish what really matters.

You won't get more rules and ideas that were built for somebody else that could be forced into your life. This webinar will take a more fundamental view of time management at what it means based on the Time Magicment(R) work of The Our Shawn McBride and Shannon J Gregg.


Time is the most valuable resource we have and just making minor changes to how we use our time and how we view the world around us can make a fundamental difference in our business outcomes. If you're wondering how to use your time better and how to get done more of the things that really matter this online time management training is for you.

Have you ever wondered how your competitors get so much done and can enjoy weekend events and other things that you only dream of participating in? It's probably because they have effective time management strategies running in the background that help them get so much done. This program unveils as many of the secrets as it can in the time we have and help you do more of what matters to you to build your business.

Do you doubt that you will ever reach the work-life balance that you desire?

For most, it's not as elusive as it seems. In reality we can build systems and processes and prioritize to make sure that we do get the things that matter done in our lives. And the Time Magicment(R) system which The Our Shawn will show you in the webinar will help you do just that.


This session covers a number of topics including why time management systems typically don't work, what can be done differently about time management, and tools and tricks you can start using today to start getting better at time management.

Why time management systems typically don't work: If you study time management or bought other time management books you probably learned that most of their systems look great in theory until you go home to use them. Audiences typically tell us that other time management systems look great until their use over time. We will cover why most time management systems don't work to give you tips and ideas about what will work for you and your future.

What can be done differently about time management: The key to success at time management is to be different and do things differently. And we'll cover in this webinar how to use different time management strategies and ideas for yourself and your team to get completely and radically different results in the area of time management. The key is not to do what other people are doing or to copy some formula or system. The key is to get more fundamental and personal about time management.

We’ll give you time management tips for work that you can start using today to start getting better at time management. We want you to hit the ground running so as part of the webinar we will give you some ideas on tips and tricks and strategies that you can start testing right away to bring home bottom-line results to your time management. We will also tell you what's working for other people what's not working and what you might want to try to get the most out of yourself and your organization.


Participants in this training walk away with an overview of what the Time Magicment(R) system of time management is and how to manage your time for amazing results.

Time management is much like batting practice. You need to keep doing it over and over again to maintain your skills and to get better at it. This program will show you how to evaluate, build and improve your time management skills so you can get more of what matters, done in the time you have.


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