Book Online Tickets for TIIVR Design Sprint Workshop: Learn How , Noida. About the workshop:
In 90 minutes this workshop delivers the essence of how teams can conduct Design Sprints and go from an Idea to Shipping & Testing Prototypes with real users and achieve what they would in 6 months in just 4 days.  

TIIVR Design Sprint Workshop: Learn How To Innovate With Speed And Build Better Products Faster


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About The Event

About the workshop:

In 90 minutes this workshop delivers the essence of how teams can conduct Design Sprints and go from an Idea to Shipping & Testing Prototypes with real users and achieve what they would in 6 months in just 4 days.  

Workshop Details:


Thu, 28th March, 2019


10:30 AM - 12 PM

(90 mins)


91Springboard, Sec 1, Noida

Nearest Metro Station

       Sector 15, Noida

Max Participants



Key Takeaway:

Participants can apply the learnings of this workshop to transform the way they solve creative problems with their teams with an arrow's speed and focus.   

Topics Covered:

  • Problem Framing
  • Lightning Solutions
  • Priority Mapping
  • Target Setting

Who is it for?

Cofounder & CXOs

  • who are looking to bring design into the ethos of their organization in a way that is measurable and fast pace their innovation cycle to help them roll-out original products & services swiftly.

Product Managers

  • who are looking for a framework to align business, design and technology towards a common goal and work as one cohesive unit to roll out features for their users in ways that are disruptive and truly agile.

UX Designers

  • who are looking to identify and apply the most relevant design-thinking principles in a project and learn the fastest and most effective way to test and validate their ideas with real users so that they are able to better justify and communicate their design decision in a measurable way instead of cringing everytime a brilliant design is rejected by management.


  • who are looking to hack the creative process and contribute early to the Design process and set the foundations to upgrade their career from Software Developers to Product Creators / Developers.

Sales & Business Development Managers

  • who are looking to influence product teams to steer the product road-map in a direction that prioritizes customer / client requirements to boost satisfaction and engagement scores so that they increase leads and maximize sales.

Marketing & Customer Experience Managers

  • who are trying hard to make sure that the voice of customer doesn't fade away in the background amongst the otherwise loud, urgent and illusory "mission critical" business and tech decisions influenced by investor interests, backed by piles of data that only somewhat answers the "what" and not the "why" of what is going wrong with the product / service.

HR Managers

  • who are looking to transform the organization culture into one that promotes an environment of trust, playfulness and democratic participation where everyone's voice is heard and ultimately crack the code of employee empowerment, productivity and satisfaction behind the success of the most innovative silicon valley companies.


***Interested participants should be comfortable in spoken and written English language


Workshop Giveaway

 A pdf version of TIIVR’s problem solving framework

About the Facilitator

  • Karan Aggarwal is a product design consultant who has been innovating and designing products and services for various organizations over the past 8 years.
  • He started his career by Productizing for Asian Paints.
  • He launched his technology startup Tinqr, where he built a mobile NFC & QR based payment and CRM solution long before India had even woken up to the concept.
  • He was then chosen by Sequioa to join Shuttl, one of India's most popular and fastest growing tech startup, where he setup and led the innovation team and got his hands dirty with Productization and Growth Hacking for startups and found Gold!
  • Being a tech geek and an electronics tinkerer he then built high-tech, low-power and highly accurate remote sensing solutions that aid in remote monitoring and predictive maintenance of highly critical rural water assets for UNICEF and the Government of India.
  • For the past 2 years he has been consulting for companies in Business Innovation, Product Design for IOT & enterprise/consumer software and Growth Hacking.
  • He has recently launched his life project TIIVR with the objective of conducting TIIVR Design Sprints and get teams at companies from any industry to go from Ideation to Shipping & Testing Hi-Fidelity prototypes in just 4 days.
  • He's on a path to re-design his life and collaborate with people who want to make things for themselves for the fun of it, so that they can apply their combined learnings to not only design smart solutions and IOT-based solutions, but also clothes, furniture, cutlery and most of what that everyday-life revolves around.
  • In his free time, he looks for excuses to meet wanderers and share his learnings in productization and design from his work in the shadows and the light of his mentor - Niyam Bhushan, so that together we can make ourselves worth the world that we live in. 

Snaps from a 1-hour Design module conducted as a guest session by Karan Aggarwal, at the 41st edition of the UX Design Workshop by Niyam Bhushan. 


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