Book Online Tickets for TiE ISB Connect 2012, Hyderabad. India’s most exciting annual networking event for entrepreneurs and investors, the TiE-ISB Connect ’2012 will be held on 22 to 24 November 2012 at Hotel Avasa Hyderabad. Organized by the TiE, Hyderabad Chapter and the Wadhwani Centre for

TiE ISB Connect 2012


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About The Event

India’s most exciting annual networking event for entrepreneurs and investors, the TiE-ISB Connect ’2012 will be held on 22 to 24 November 2012 at Hotel Avasa Hyderabad. Organized by the TiE, Hyderabad Chapter and the Wadhwani Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (WCED), ISB, TiE-ISB Connect enables interaction of aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, and growth-stage ventures with potential investors, successful entrepreneurs and mentors.

012 TiE – ISB Connect
(November 22-24, 2012, Hyderabad)
The TiE-ISB Connect is a joint initiative of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Hyderabad and ISB’s WCED. It is a forum that brings entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academicians together to interact and help build successful enterprises.
The Conference has been very popular since 2006, the year it was initiated. The 2010 ISB-Connect had participation of over 1,000 professionals, 50 speakers and 30 venture capitalists.
The theme for 2012 which is “Growing your Company –The Next Big Leap”
Small and mid-sized companies continue to see more opportunities to grow. Entrepreneurs and their growth are big drivers of the economy. Businesses are feeling the pressure of a changing world. Yet entrepreneurs and young companies are seeing more opportunities than ever. But the question lingers – Where and how will the growth come?
To take the business to the next level, companies need to find their opportunities and growth capital.
•  Where are the emerging opportunities for companies and investors?
•  How do I scale my company to the next level and use technology?
•  How do I build a great team and retaining talent?
•  What is the investor criteria for funding my company and how can I mitigate dilution?
•  Is this the right time to raise funds for my business? Challenges in raising investment?
•  What are the other forms of Funding?
•  What do we need to do to grow value/valuation?
•  How can I address my key operational challenges?
Come and attend TiE-ISB Connect 2012 to network and learn all about valuation, funding and other relevant factors like marketing, team building, operations, scaling etc. from proven entrepreneurs, angel investors and VCs. Learn from the experiences of speakers and from peer interaction. This is the place to be for entrepreneurs  and companies looking to grow their enterprise to the next level.
Delegates would have the opportunity to interact with leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, academicians, specialists and other successful professionals.
In addition, the 2012 TiE-ISB Connect would facilitate-
•  VC Connect : Delegates and their companies can request and set up 1:1 meetings with investors to present your company and interact with investors.
•  Mentor Connect: Meet Mentors through 1:1 meetings and seek advice and mentoring from proven entrepreneurs and experience executives
•  Leadership Connect : Workshop based all day event for experienced entrepreneurs and leaders
•  Jumpstart: Workshop on Jumpstart Your Venture. Successful entrepreneurs and early-stage investors would guide delegates for starting and/or running a business enterprise.
•  BizQuest: Business venture competition for early and growth stage companies with finalists presenting to investors at the conference and the winner awards include Rs. 1 Crore investment, incubation facilities and other business acceleration support.


  Kiran Kumar Reddy   Rajesh Sawhney   Bala Parthasarathy  
   Chief Minister    Founder   Managing Partner  
  Andhra Pradesh    Global Super Angels Network   Angel Prime  
  More...   More...   More...  
  Karthik Reddy   Sasha Mirchandani   Sameer Kumar    
  Managing Partner   Managing Director and Founder   Managing Director  
  Blume Ventures   Kae Capital and Co-Founder Mumbai Angels   Inventus  
      More...   More...  
  Rajan Mehra   Ganesh Rengaswamy   Alok Mittal  
   Managing Director   Managing Director   Managing Director  
  Nirvana   Lok Capital   Canaan  
      More...   More...  
  Mahesh Murthy   Siddhartha Das   Mahad Narayanamoni  
  Managing Partner    General Partner   Partner  
  Seed Fund   VentureEast   Grant Thornton  
  More...       More...  
  Rajesh Raju   S. Rajagopalan   Beas Dev Ralhan  
   Managing Director   Director   CEO  
  Kalaari Capital   Dr. Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospitals   NextEducation India Pvt. Ltd.  
  More...   More...   More...  
  Richard B Saldanha   Suresh Sambandam    Rajiv Kumar  
   Executive Director PE   Founder CEO    GM, MOD &MBS  
  Blackstone   OrangeScape   Microsoft IDC  
  More...   More…      
  Sudhir Kamath   Mohit Dubey   Dilip Chenoy  
  Director for South Region   CEO   Mr. Dilip Chenoy, CEO &  
  Brand Capital    Carwale    MD Designate, NSDC  
  Prof. K.C. Reddy   Ambarish Datta   K. V. Vishnu Raju,   
  Chairman   MD & CEO   Chairman  
   REEMAP    BSE Institute    , BVRIT  
  Dr K. Ravindranath    Vinod Murali   Asish Mohapatra  
  Chairman   Director   VP  
   Global Hospitals   SVB India Finance   Matrix Partners  
  Dr. Sekhar Chennupati   Gautam Mago   Vivek Kulkarni  
   Managing Director   Vice President   Chairman & CEO  
   Denty's    Sequoia Capital    Brickwork India  
  More...       More…  
  Shri TSR Subramanian   Sashi Reddi   Ananth Rao  
  Former Cabinet Secretary   Founder    CEO & MD  
   Govt. Of India   Sri Capital   Focus Ventures  
  More…   More…   More…  
  Murali Bukkapatnam    Dr. Ajit Rangnekar   JA Chowdary  
  CEO   Dean   Co-Founder and Executive Chairman  
The Capitol Projects
 Pvt. Ltd.
   ISB    Talent Sprint  
  More…   More…   More…  
  Srini Koppolu   Satish Andra   Bipin Pendyala  
  Chairman    Managing Partner   VP  
   Setu Software    Ventureast Tenet Fund   Computer Associates  
  More…   More…   More…  
  Kalyan Manyam   Hari Buggana   Krishna Tanuku  
  Founder   Managing Director   Executive Director  
  Mojo Street    InvAscent   ISB  
  More…   More…   More…  
  Madhu Murty Ronanki   Vikram Vuppula    Sanjoy Sanyal  
   President   Founder CEO   Country Director  
   TalentSprint   Nephro Plus    New Ventures  
  More…   More…   More…  
  Rajiv Prakash   Manish Grover   R. Dharmaji  
   Founder    Founder   SIDBI  
  Next In Advisory Partners    WiseStep      
  More…   More…      
  Ranjith Menon   Anand Kumar   Srinivas Katta  
  Vice-President   Partner   Partner  
   IDG Ventures India Advisors    Sand Hill Counsel   IndusLaw  
  More...   More…   More…  
  B.R. Meena    Amit    Surya  
    VC & MD    Founder and MD      
  APIIC    SatNav Group      
      More...   More...  
  Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti   Ravi Gururaj    I.Y.R.KRISHNA RAO  
       Harvard Angels & Citrix Startup Accelerator    I.A.S  
  More...   More...   More...  
    Safir Adeni   K. Pradeep Chandra      
   Eknovate Solutions   IAS.      
  More...   More...      

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