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THT Screenings : Riding on a Sunbeam - Journeys through Space, Time, Life and Love


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Entry : Rs 200

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Duration - 108 Minutes

It is time to head to the parts of India that even many Indians don't know about, on the bike, train, bus (and whatever they could find) rides of engineer-turned-neuroscientist Mauktik Kulkarni and American-student-turned-vagabound Samantha Jo Fitzsimons, captured through the eyes of National Award winning Director, Mr. Brahmanand Singh!

We'll start assembling at The Humming Tree from 8 pm and begin at 8:30 pm, sharp! Mautkik Kulkarni, Executive Producer and co-anchor of Riding on a Sunbeam will be there at the screening, and have an informal discussion with the audience, post the screening!

Director - Brahmanand Siingh (National award winner)
Editor- Irene Dhar Malik (National award winner)
Associate Director- Dhruva Bordoloi
Camera- Sailesh Dubey
Riding on a Sunbeam: Journeys through Space, Time, Life and Love is a special and exciting travel film that follows Mauktik Kulkarni (an Engineer turned Neuroscience student turned Zen traveller) and Samantha Jo (a Berkeley undergrad taking a gap semester) ... in an unconventional touristy way.

Playfully, abundantly and on occasions, acutely, they explore the contradictions of our Indian society with interesting perspectives, exploring economically developed places alongside backward regions, staunchly nationalistic mind sets side by side with the insurgency prone pockets and the socially conservative elements that co-exist with countless liberal lifestyles. All within the same India.
Through smaller stories experienced throughout with the eyes of the two protagonists ; Mauktik, who now turns to his own country and Sammy who has never seen India before, the film creates a mosaic of India that is at once exhilarating, reflective, enchanting and laughable in a way that has rarely been seen before.

Riding on a Sunbeam: Journeys through Space, Time, Life and Love is a film that weaves a tale out of these peripatetic travel experiences into a distilled elixir of stories and insights, of courage and of universal humanity.

Brief Bio
Mauktik Kulkarni, Executive Producer and co-anchor of Riding on a Sunbeam, is an engineer-turned-neuroscientist and is an entrepreneur at heart. He has been a part of two successful startups and is currently co-founder of a third startup named Wazzat Labs. He is an author, film maker, public speaker and traveler who has backpacked through more than 50 countries. His first book 'A Ghost of Che,' a memoir based on his solo, 8000km motorcycle trip in South America, was published in 2009 and he is working on his second book based on his one-year, round-the-world trip. He has delivered invited lectures on neuroscience, entrepreneurship, traveling, film-making and anything else that strikes his fancy. He has been a guest columnist for travel/sports and, over the past few years, gotten into film-making. 'Riding on a Sunbeam,' his first film project, is a backpacking film about India directed by National-award winner Brahmanand Singh. He is currently working on his second film project, which is a feature film adaptation of his book.

The Humming Tree
The Humming Tree is a concept Live Music, Arts and Performance Venue with a lovely rooftop café. Opened in June, 2013 and located in Bangalore, India.

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