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            To maximize the negotiation potential of the Management Senior Executive, by sensitizing the need to work on advanced techniques to get the best results while negotiating,  

Three days workshop on Advanced Business Negotiation skills for Management through Neuro Linguistic Programming [non residential] at Chennai during the month of January 2012


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About The Event


            To maximize the negotiation potential of the Management Senior Executive, by sensitizing the need to work on advanced techniques to get the best results while negotiating,  by operating from a state of power and confidence and get focus on productivity with more self awareness, internal thought processes, high energy and motivation  and a win-win situation through the techniques of NLP and experiential learning.


Learning Objectives for the training


  • Understand the power of the methodology NLP, utilizing the tools and techniques in negotiating, discover different styles and make the difference while interacting  one to one and also the team
  • Self awareness and preparation to negotiate powerfully and effectively without the need to use force with anyone, operate from a state of power and not from a state of pain
  • Changing mid set and perceptions while negotiating, and fixing the desired result / the outcome of the negotiations absolutely clearly
  • Expanding belief systems, restructuring them and understanding self potential
  • Strategies in negotiating and modeling powerful negotiators and their strategies
  • Work on 1st, 2nd perceptual positions and the meta position, and work on the issue and change into principled foundation
  • Develop out of the box lateral thinking strategies in the moment, and generate choices and options with flexibility
  • Handle opinions and deal effectively with people who intimidate or bully
  • Being aware of self thought processes and working on integrity of communication by understanding the congruence of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Resolving internal and external conflicts and handling criticism and converting them into healthy feedbacks
  • Initiating quality thought processes by being aware of internal communication and changing perception towards a more productive outcome and relationship
  • Converting needs into wants and creating a optimal negotiation climate, understand the concept of pacing and leading in building lasting relationships
  • Congruent communication - understanding patterns and filters in communication the meta model concept and opening up sensory based language in building trust and visibility
  • Access different resourceful state instantly and naturally
  • Handle past emotional issues and experiences and fears and break the barriers and limitations in gathering courage to negotiate
  • Usage of persuasive language patterns, influencing language, and motivational meta pattern in negotiating effectively
  • Understand what you can reasonably expect to get, determine what you are willing to give up and negotiate win win contracts and mutual beneficial dealings
  • Develop skills to overcome and handle objections, arguments and trip off discussions
  • Critical language sequencing to unblock resistance and determine the values and beliefs of the other individuals
  • Listening skills being in the here and now, and working on others feeling of being heard totally
  • Work upon stuck state at the difficult times and modification of communication instantly
  • Generate choices and flexibility of behavior to elicit best response from others and create a high momentum of positive energy to handle delicate and sensitive situations
  • Changing adverse conditions as learning experience towards a more strong and focused direction
  • Celebrate existence by channelizing focus towards a self satisfying purpose.
  • Belief and conviction of oneself and maintaining high powerful resourceful states
  • Building rapport in deep levels along with sensitivity to cultural, gender, religious and value of the other person

ADDITIONAL BUSINESS BENEFITS  : This training will give each participant an opportunity to

  • Align self goals to that of the organization and have a sense of belonging
  • Develop deep and lasting rapport with anyone and everyone
  • Ability to handle the professional and personal climate
  • Communicate effectively as a team and a leader
  • Overcome conflicts and stuck states, barriers and limitations
  • Practice individual skills and integrate learning, and be effective communicator
  • Understand responsibilities and mentor others
  • Work through real-life working and/or personal situations

Training methods ; This training would be interactive and practical.  Participants will practice negotiating contracts in small groups throughout the three days.  You will be having subjective experience in the techniques which will be administered individually as well as in groups. Each participant will go through the process of developing and negotiating his own contract around a subject of his/her choice.  Activities, role plays, and example negotiating scenarios will also be created within the training group. This workshop is a three days business seminar.  Each participant will receive a negotiating manual and CD’s.  Group discussions, assignments over breaks, techniques applied on each other and the group, lunches are designed to enhance the learning experience and anchor individual skills to contexts outside the seminar room

Time Frame: Three Days non residential Workshop timing : 9am  - 6 pm


Targeted Audience : Top Management / Senior Management / Sales Team leaders / Team leaders / Counselors /Consultants / procurement and purchasing dept head / Customer interface dept / experienced negotiators who are looking to improve their negotiating skills in the more challenging aspects of the negotiating process

Dates : January 26th, 27th, 28th , 2012 [Thu, Fri, Sat]


Place : Chennai Tamil Nadu,  India.  Accommodation for the outstation participants [recommended in the same venue], would be assisted by us with contact details


Course Investment for the corporates : Rs.25,000/- per participant inclusive of lunch on all days of training, course investment and training material [Rs.20,000/- course investment + Rs.5,000/- logistics and training material] TDS is applicable only on Rs.20,000/- Two invoices will be issued separately.  The amount need to be paid as you register.  Group discount for 2 and above can be extended till the cut off date. 


Early bird discounted rate : The early bird discounted rate would be extended till December 26th, 2011.    


Last Date of Registration : January 10th, 2012


  • A Student of Psychology, Certified Coach in Neuro linguistic Programming from the National Federation of Neuro linguistic Psychology, trained under Dr. William Horton, President, NFNLP Florida, USAShe is an NLP life coach and also an advanced research student on Neuro linguistic programming and its effects on the human brain.  She is also proficient in individual, family and organizational therapies.
  • Certified as Creative Trainer by Specialist Management Resources, Malaysia.  Trained by Prof. Rooshi Kumar Pandya in Hypnosis, and by Mr. Servaas Van Beekum, International training consultant in organizational behavior & attended Mr. Anthony Robbins – Unleash the Power Within Workshop, Singapore, Mr Brian Tracy on Psychology of selling [Maximum sales], coached by Mr. Richard Tan, Phoenix  award winner and CEO of Success Resources, Asia’s largest seminar conductors and a gamut of spiritual gurus like Swami Sukhabodhananda, Swami Mitrananda, Swami Suddhananda who have paved a way for her to blend spirituality and management with dexterity.
  • Enriched experience in understanding the practical application of the Scriptures - Bhagawat Geeta & Upanishads in day-to-day life by being under the presence of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda as his personal secretary for a period of 2 yrs.  This experience has convinced her that NLP is the most powerful tool utilized by the powerful leaders, speakers and spiritual gurus of our country as it is the core of our tradition and culture.
  • The best outgoing cadet & Senior Under Officer in National Cadet Corps Army Wing - (TN & Pondicherry).  Represented Tamil Nadu in Signals, Rifle Shooting, culturals.  Has been Student Camp commandant for both -  'All India Trekking Expedition' and Advance Leadership Camp at Chennai for Tamil Nadu  & Pondicherry.  She has been trained in Bharatnatyam and Mohiniyattam the classical form of dance of India for many years and has done her fashion designing and interior decoration courses to make her holistic.  She is also a artist on stage and paintings.
  • She has designed business programs for the Corporate world for exploring their Inner potential, motivation, powerful communication in day-to-day practical life encounters.  Her workshops on Selling through NLP, Inspiration and motivational talks, Communication and Interpersonal relationships, Business presentation skills, Advanced Negotiation skills, Creativity and probability thinking, Team building and metamorphosis leadership has been very successful. 
  • She has also taken a number of workshops on train the trainer. She is accredited by the NFNLP Florida to take basic and master certification workshop and has over 500 students certified by her in pure NLP. She has students from India, Indonesia, Sweden, Ireland, Srilanka, France, UAE, Germany, Thailand, New Zealand, Morroco, Canada, USA, Malaysia, UK and other countries. 
  • She has handled Educational Institutions – eminent schools, regular and management colleges and Universities [both teachers and students], learning disability children and teachers handling such institutions, Corporate bodies [a cross section from gross level to senior management level] and other organizations. 
  • She has been the past president of a rotary club and also speaker in many banking institutions, universities, rotary clubs, Madras Management association, lions clubs and NGO organizations.
  • All her seminars, workshops, and all her programs are totally based on NLP techniques – the methodology which is the core of excellence. She is proficient in English and Tamil.  She can also handle Hindi and Malayalam with a combination of English.

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