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About The Event

ध्यान गुरु "अर्चना दीदी" के दिव्य सान्निध्य में 


The Hindu word for the sixth chakra is ‘Ajna’, positioned in center of the forehead & referred as “third eye”. This is considered to be the point at which the conscious & the unconscious knowledge come together to open up our psychic & intuitive abilities. 

Chakras are vortexes of energy in the subtle body. A human being has 7 such centers – the storehouses of inner power. The ‘Ajna Chakra’ is the main entry point to activating and experiencing all the other Chakras. 

The workshop gives a rare opportunity to every participant to explore & experience the magical powers of “Third Eye Chakra”. Like all other meditation workshops of "ARCHNA DIDI"- it won’t be just listening and learning, it’s an unforgettable divine experience for everyone. 

Through this effective workshop The body’s biological, emotional & spiritual aspects become more nourished, thereby clearing energy blockages from our entire system. 

In a person’s lifetime these moments come as a rare opportunity in which a human being gets the chance to enter into the divine world of discovering himself & activating the hidden subtle energies & it is only possible if we get to practice it in the divine guidance of a ‘Meditation Master’.


Benefits of THIRD EYE CHAKRA Meditation

1. Builds the power of intuition.

2. Bestows and increases Psychic Powers.

3. Increases and refines awareness.

4. Provides clarity of thoughts, insight and wisdom. 

5. Allows one to connect to the “inner guru” or “higher self” for guidance and inspiration.

6. Builds the Yogic Mind or Neutral Mind which is free from attachments of the ego.

7. Builds the power to read others and understand their subtle and gross energetic conditions.

8. Promotes flow of Kundalini Energy into the higher centers


Privileges of Registered Seekers: - 

1.  Golden Opportunity to Learn directly from internationally acclaimed

     Meditation Guru, “ARCHNA DIDI” after her two months of Maun Sadhna

2.  24 *7 - 1 Month Access

3.  Join anytime anywhere as per your convenience.

4.  One Registration one family - One Device Access

5.  Where you remain connected with the Guru and the spiritual science even after the workshop ends, the journey continues...

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