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About The Event

Think Dog is a unique two day workshop to help dog owners and anyone working with dogs to help them understand their dog better and help them raise a true companion dog. 
Promises to be a lot of learning an fun for the people and dogs alike.

Does your dog chew your sofa when left alone? Bark at your neighbour? Or drag you around the neighbourhood when out for a walk? 

Have you have tried multiple trainers, bought dozens of dog books, spent hours on the internet and even consulted an astrologer to sort your dog’s problems and FAILED?

Then let India’s pioneering canine behaviourist and trainer "Shirin Merchant" help you understand your dog better and find a solution to your canine problems. 

Do we really understand what our best friends are thinking and saying….
Why does my dog pull on the leash?
What does a constant licking of paws mean?
How much should I exercise my dog?
Is growling a good sign?
How to prevent a dog bite?
How do dogs learn?
Why does my dog jump on my guests?
How do I keep a bored dog out of trouble?

Find answers to all these questions and more at Think Dog ! Delhi .
Think Dog ! is a unique two day event to help you understand your canine companion better. After its success in Bangalore and Mumbai, Think dog team will travel to Chennai and Delhi. 

Who can attend this program?

This program is for dog owner, anyone who is thinking of bringing home a dog, people who rescue animals or anyone who simply loves dogs.

The session will be facilitated Shirin Merchant, a pioneer in the field of canine behaviour and training in India. Since 1995, she has worked hard to create a foundation for positive training and behaviour practises in India.
She is the only person in Asia to have gained an accreditation from the Kennel Club of England’s elite KCAI scheme for dog trainers and behaviourists in companion dog training and behavioural training. She is one of only nine people in the world to have been awarded the prestigious accreditation in behavioural training. 
She is the founder of Canines Can Care and Woof Mag !

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