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Would you like to get more power over your life,  control over stress, recreate magic in relationships, and achieve more  success than ever before ? Think how it would feel as your hear and see yourself achieving admiration of people aro

The ZING NLP Practitioner Certification Program, Mumbai - A workshop in Mumbai that will change the course of your life ! | Mumbai, India


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About The Event


Would you like to get more power over your life, control over stress, recreate magic in relationships, and achieve more success than ever before ? Think how it would feel as your hear and see yourself achieving admiration of people around you and being a winner !!

Applying NLP can give you:

  • Very effective and influential communication
  • More charge of yourself and your destiny rather than be at the mercy of events
  • Being more effective in your personal and working life

NLP can help you:
  • To 'understand' how another person is thinking
  • Build better and more productive inter-personal relationships
  • Feel confident and comfortable whilst being interviewed for that job that you really, really want !
  • Keep a cool head and lessen your anger
  • Remove useless beliefs and unwanter behaviour in yourself and your people
  • Set clearly defined life goals and make them happen in reality
  • Quickly and easily super-charge your motivation
  • Get rid of fears and phobias in yourself and others !
  • Improve your ability to coach and motivate others to achieve their goals and desires !
  • Get rid of cravings for those things that you love to have but you know are bad for you
  • Build those qualities and skills in yourself which you like in people you admire the most


One of the highest quality of NLP practitioner programs, not only across Mumbai but also across India that meets and exceeds international standards. It's not just theory, we do actual mind exercises with you as a client and you as a practitioner. Its a 2 in 1 breakthrough experience.

The ZING NLP Practitioner Program, Mumbai  covers everything you need to know about NLP to achieve your desired results and help others in any area of life, including career, business, relationships, health, fitness, education, parenting and much more.

Anyone wanting the ultimate in self developmental mind tools whether it be for personal use only or to benefit others. By participating in this program, you not only go through highest standards of NLP Training but also experience significant paradigm-shift in the way you think and the way you live your life.

NLP will ensure you have incredible power to assist others to enjoy instant breakthrough performance that basic coaching and communication skills and 'talk' therapies just cannot get INSTANTLY on their own.

5 days in Mumbai of intentional focus on getting on purpose with your dreams is priceless in comparison to never quite getting around to it.

Sat 1st Dec. to 5th Dec. 2012

9.00am - 5.30pm daily

Why should You not enrol with Zing
  • If you are not serious about learning and applying NLP to your personal and professional life
  • We offer no discounts on investments because we never discount on value
  • If you prefer a foreign brand name organisation to certify you instead of getting great learning
  • If you want to learn only simple stuff
  • If you do not want to apply your brain to create success


Few top reasons why you should enrol with Zing
  • Zing is an organisation with tremendous experience in Training, Business and Human Resources  , and can give you the benefit of their experience of applying NLP across the spectrum of work and life
  • Zing is an organisation which works a lot in the areas of personal counselling, therapy and also business coaching and life coaching, so you shall gain a deeper co-relation of NLP with your emotions, others' emotions and increased productivity
  • Zing has a team of international NLP trainers who have been working across the wide perspective of Human Resources, Academics and Corporate Life, giving them unparallelled vision of real world application
  • We provide a fantastic pre-learning kit at no extra cost to you, which (along with your workshop manual) includes the content of 15 Audio CDs explaining different concepts of NLP, and 2 DVDs showing different tools and techniques. Pre study of this material ensures that you can soak in a lot more during the workshop where you are then more focussed on application instead of just theoretical knowledge
  • At the ZING NLP Practitioner Certification Workshop, we will work with you to create follow up plan of action for a month, without any additional requirements from you.

Register now, its NLP in Mumbai and seats fill up fast! Avoid disappointment... Call 9167092999 or email for details. Right Now !!

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