The Art Of Living Course - Hyderabad

The Art Of Living Course - Hyderabad


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About Art Of Living Art of Living Foundation is a Not for profit Organization and one of the largest NGO in the World, working in the spheres of individual, societal and Global development programs. Mission Uplift the Individual Friendliness, compassion, love and caring - these human values are part of us, yet most of the time they are covered by veils of stress. A disease-free body and a stress-free mind are the birthrights of every human being, yet we have never been taught how to handle our negative emotions. The Art of Living Foundation offers simple and effective techniques that eliminate stress and increase joy and enthusiasm. Make a Difference in the Community Service is an expression of joy, an expression of love; through service to humanity we can break all boundaries. When we ask how we can be useful to the people around us and to the whole world, our hearts blossom and a new dimension opens within us. Volunteer projects are integral to the Art of Living. The Foundation emphasizes social responsibility and inspires individuals to give back to their communities. Foster Global Change Today there is a great need for us to move from limited identifications of nationality, race, religion and culture to a broader understanding of the unity of human life, which can help to bring about a more peaceful world. His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar addresses various forums around the world, fostering human values and spreading a message of unity among all traditions.

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