The Zero Complaints Challenge - a 21-day WhatsApp workshop

The Zero Complaints Challenge - a 21-day WhatsApp workshop


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About The Event

Someone once quoted,”Complaining is my strongest weakness.

Isn’t that so true for most of us? We go through our day moving from one complaint to another. From small things like weather, traffic, maid to significant things like spouse, job, money and even sometimes politics, religion and corruption.

Where do these lead us?

Complaints make us living breathing crap-magnets - keeping us stuck in negativity and blame. The things which we do not want! We may not recognize and it slowly becomes our nature and it is NOT cool.  

How has focussing on all the wrongness helped us anyway?  
Extreme judgement, excuse, justification and blame only creates more upset for us. The more we complain, the more frustration and anger we carry. 

Our point of view becomes our reality.

The “Possibilities Galore” is an online self-empowerment oriented platform created by internationally certified Life coaches and facilitators - Sheila Ram Mohan and Amit Kapoor. Amongst the high impact classroom and online workshops created by them , “The Zero Complaints Challenge!” is one of a kind!



Merging innovation with technology, they create powerful programs which are available for all individuals who desire to improve their mindsets and attitudes in bringing about massive changes in their life! This course will be administered and facilitated over a WhatsApp group where the facilitators will share various tools, techniques and processes they have worked with their clients across the world.

Each tool will practially help all participats to tune into possibilities instead of focussing on difficulties. Applying various tools and techniques to end this "crappyness" is a good start.  


Sign up today to join our course starting Nov 5th ( Saturday) . If you have questions, send a WhatsApp msg to Amit +91-988-528-0181 or Sheila at +91-986-657-7339.