The WhyNot Place : Summer Residency Programme - Exhibition At Religare Art

The WhyNot Place : Summer Residency Programme - Exhibition At Religare Art


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The WhyNot Place : Summer residency programme - Exhibition.

Ever since its inception, Religare Art has clearly established itself as a hallmark brand within the art arena, establishing the very echelons required to be an indomitable leader in the field. The new Religare Art home has evolved into a bigger and better experience for the larger arts community in the midst of the 'The WhyNot Place' summer residency programme. The inauguration of the new Religare Art home coincides with the 3rd edition of 'The WhyNot Place' residency art show.

The theme of The WhyNot Place residency this year speaks to notions of displacement, location and relocation in both geography (physical space) and history (time). Artists will be asked to negotiate their multiple pasts in reference to the multiple pasts and presents of the city. In a context as richly layered as Delhi there are several points of entry and obstruction/impenetrability located in social hierarchies, castes, economic classes, historic events, political policy and environmental law. The residency will enable interaction with several of these layers, encouraging artists to locate their practices and expand notions of what it means to be here now, given the individual histories of the artists and the cumulative experiences of the city.

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