The Vital Leader

The Vital Leader


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About The Event

This is a challenging workshop for leaders who want to inspire excellence in their organisations. It uses ideas from the theatre and the performing arts and explores the sort of leadership needed for the 21stand encourages people to produce exceptional results by inspiring themselves and others.Vital leaders produce outstanding performance in complex times. The purpose of this workshop is to improve each individual’s leadership strengths, styles and capability. It provides people with a direct, hands-on experience of leadership.


Through attending this event, participants will: 

Learn to:
Differentiate between management and leadership
Use the essential elements of vital leadership
Develop authority and gravitas
Envision and communicate change ideas to others 
This two-day event is for a maximum of 14 participants
Inspired to lead in a more exciting way 
Sensitive to others and challenged to take people with them
Clearer on what works well for them as leaders
Excited about unlocking others potential 
Personally responsible for making things happen performance

Be more able to:
Inspire people to produce outstanding 
Involve others in their vision
Take risks and learn from experiences
Successfully implement a change idea
Invent appropriate processes and solutions to give

Nigel Hughes (Director of Leadership):
As a founding associate of Maynard Leigh, specialising in leadership and creativity, Nigel has led personal development courses worldwide since 1985. As founder and out-going CEO of Green Light Trust (2012), Nigel has over twenty five years experience of leading his own organization. He is a member of Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change and an alumnus of the Cambridge University Sustainability Leadership Programme. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

 Outlining the course’s content, methods of learning and how to approach the event in order to get best value. 
Developing awareness of what and who is around you. 

Review of Leadership Profile-

If participants have completed the 7 I’s profile then this is a time to review findings and their implications. Even without the profiles, it is an opportunity to define and clarify leadership strengths and areas for development. 

Contracting and Co-coaching-

Throughout the event people are challenged to seize every opportunity to use the 7 capabilities. This means everyone is aware of personal development objectives.We also establish co-coaching partnerships, to support people in their growth 


Inspire and Involve-
 Communicating a vision for a change idea
 Inspiring people to create outstanding performance by using feedback 
 Leading people through a change process

Inspire and Motivate-
 Troubleshooting performance management issues
 Setting inspiring goals; unlocking potential; producing inspirational performance

 Responding to a changing environment; 
 Practising improvisation skills in order to be able to respond creatively and flexibly to 
changing circumstances

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