Book Online Tickets for The Urban Farming Show- Plant, Grow & Ea, Mumbai. Team Earthoholics announces the launch of-
“The Urban Farming Show.. Lets Plant Grow and Eat..!”
This show aims to promote growing one’s own food organically on rooftops and empty city spaces. For those who can’t grow due to

The Urban Farming Show- Plant, Grow & Eat...!


About The Event

Team Earthoholics announces the launch of-

“The Urban Farming Show.. Lets Plant Grow and Eat..!”

This show aims to promote growing one’s own food organically on rooftops and empty city spaces. For those who can’t grow due to zero availability of resources are encouraged to switch to the interesting natural & organic vegetables, groceries & food products offered by our exhibitors alongwith other interesting eco friendly products .

 This event is in association with Home Collectives – a home décor conglomerate that offers  vast variety of products catering to suit all tastes. The brand believes in quality products and intends to support and promote green initiatives in Mumbai.


The event details are as under:

Date: 2nd Friday, 3rd Saturday and 4th Sunday November,2012

Timing:  10am – 9pm

Venue: Birla Kreeda Kendra, Near Chowpatty, Next to Thackers Banquet, Opp Charni                           

           Road Station.



Urban farming is the need of the hour for green reasons like :

  • Reducing the carbon footprints which are caused for making the food reach from the farm to our plates, scarcity of land due to increase in population,
  • Need for chemical free food or rather impact of inorganic food on our health.
  • The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations has also predicted that by 2020 (that is only 8 years from now), one-third of the world population will starve for food and a majority of that population will be from Asia and Africa.
  • Urban Farming is also the answer to one of the biggest problems that is Waste Management. Even if 50% of Mumbai’s individual families or societies take care of their kitchen waste by composting and using the same rich compost to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. It is a massive achievement!


Mumbai is blessed with ample of sunlight and space, yes u heard it right space- every rooftop or terrace is unused at present and has the potential to harvest sunlight to the maximum by growing our food and thus have cooling benefits to the structure as well. Its high time we need to start making optimum utilization of empty city spaces like rooftops, balconies, window sills & compounds. There is no better way to harvest the sunlight than this.

VISION  - Is to spread awareness about Urban Farming on  a platform where all possible information will be available free of cost to people, thus making it simple for even a beginner to understand & maintain their individual window sill, balcony or terrace garden - whether it is vegetables, herbs, fruits, ornamentals or medicinal plants. Alongwith, information we wish to create a platform where people get access to buying  everything related to gardening at one place from the various participating nurseries, stores offering a wide range of gardening accessories like planters, pots ,soil, compost, waterproofing consultants, landscapers & much more.

For all those who have zero resources available for growing food can switch to our separate section for organic vegetables, groceries, eco-friendly and other natural products. There will be exclusive brands showcasing their exquisite range of organic and natural products.




Registrations Needed: Call Anu-9833390878
Entry Free.
Venue: Birla Kreeda Kendra,Next To Thackers, Charni Road West,Chowpatty.
2nd November, Friday, 2012
12.30-1.30pm:       All About Rooftop Gardening, Waterproofing, Load bearing,etc..By Earthoholics & groups. 
2pm- 3pm:             Importance of Amrit Mitti & Nutritious Soil- By Urban Leaves
3.30pm-4.30pm:    Art of Bonsai- Rupa Shah, Ssurup.
3rd November, Saturday, 2012
12.30pm-1pm:      Talk on Why Organic & more-By India fr Safe food-Tejal & Team  
1.30pm-2.30pm:    Home Composting made simple & Tetra Pack recycling@home-By RUR  
3pm-4.30pm:        Home Gardening-Ornamentals Indoor+Outdoor Plants ,By Miguel  Braganza.
4th November, Sunday,2012
12.30pm-1.30pm:  Basics of Vegetable Gardening (For Beginners) By Miguel
2pm-3pm:             Winter Vegetable Gardening  (Advanced) By Miguel Braganza
3.30pm-4.30pm:    Hydroponics- By Pet Bharo Team.


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