Book Online Tickets for The  Trigunayoga primer - Discover the A, Mysore. Venue: To be announced, for confirmation please call -  Kusuma Swamy +91 87622 05559 /Email kusuma.swamy@yahoo.inThe SGC.Empowering  Capacity building Workshop Series   #6 @Mysore Karnataka
Self development in the VUCA world 

The Trigunayoga primer - Discover the Arjuna in You, Self Assessment to perform in the VUCA world copy


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About The Event

Venue: To be announced, for confirmation please call -  Kusuma Swamy +91 87622 05559 /Email

The SGC.Empowering  Capacity building Workshop Series   #6 @Mysore Karnataka

Self development in the VUCA world the Key Gunas that matter.

Workshop on “The Trigunayoga primer Discover the Arjuna in You, Self-Assesssment to perform in the VUCA world on 24th Sept. (Sat)

By Dr. Satish Modh.


0900 – Start and tea with general introduction

0930 – 0945 - Introduction to the Workshop and VUCA world relevance - Sanjay Gadhalay

0945 – 1000 - Tea break

1000 – 1300 - The   Triguna yoga   Concept   and   Backgrounder   .Satish Modh  

1300 – 1330 - Lunch Break 

1330 – 1345 - Taking the Trigunayoga test    and sharing the RST Scores  

1345 – 1700 - General   Counselling and   personal   5 minute session with Dr. Satish Modh /Sanjay Gadhalay/Dr. Luqman Hussaini

1700 – 1730 - Summing Up and Vote of thanks by Dr. Luqman Hussaini. 

About Trgunayoga

Triguna Energy Quotient® report is designed to help you discover your strengths so that you are well aware of your personality and that of others and improve your interaction with your family, friends, colleagues and others. This personality awareness tool is developed from the Guna concept given in the Bhagavad Gita. Guna means the ‘inherent energy or tendency’ with which our mind functions.

According to the Gita, the Triguna composition influences qualities of human thought and behavior. The knowledge of our Guna composition can provide guidelines for living life according to our “True Nature”. The TriGuna Energy Quotient (TEQ®) provides the explanations of psychological energies or forces that determine individual inclinations and dispositions based on composition of three Gunas.

The TEQ® can help in understanding distinctive nature of people in the world and the way they work. The TriGuna Energy Quotient TEQ® will help us in appreciating the natural differences between people, accepting this difference gladly and move on in our life to realize our own true vocation. The TEQ® can be used as a help in Self-development process, Career planning and growth Discovering your leadership potential Finding compatibility with people Improving inter-personal relationship of family members Improving inter-personal relationship at work place, Selection of employees, Selection of team members, based on the task, Study of Organizational culture, etc.

About the Trainer/ Resource person:

Dr. Satish Modh is currently Director of VES Institute of Management Studies and Research (VESIM) in Mumbai, India. He holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Management Studies from JBIMS, University of Mumbai. Dr. Modh was first exposed to teachings of Gita while attending ‘Gita Gyana Yagna’ conducted by Swami Chinmayananda. Later he studied various commentaries of Gita including that of Sri Adi Shankaracharya. The tool ‘Triguna Energy Quotient®’ is a result of several years of his research on Gita. Programs conducted at various locations, including SJ SOM, IIT Bombay Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore NIMHANS, Bangalore IBS, Powai campus, Mumbai The Aeronautical Society of India, Mumbai Branch Programs organized by various NGOs Business organizations in India and USA As “Speaker on Campus” organized by students at various US Universities.  

Assisted by  :

Mr. Sanjay Gadhalay

Dr. Luqman Hussaini

Kusuma Swamy         to  Confirm  . number : +91 87622 05559 /Email 




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