Book Online Tickets for The Trekurious OFFMENUSUNDAY Day, Mumbai. Is a restaurant\\\'s menu the final word on dining fare, or just a starting point? What if you\\\'re craving something that\\\'s not on the menu? There are several reasons you might want to order a dish that\\\'s not listed on the menu. Whatever your

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About The Event

Is a restaurant's menu the final word on dining fare, or just a starting point? What if you're craving something that's not on the menu? There are several reasons you might want to order a dish that's not listed on the menu. Whatever your reason for going off-menu, here is the reason you cannot let go the Trekurious` s #OFFMENU Sunday off your to do list.

On Sunday 17th May, Trekurious is getting six exceptional home chefs to create menus and dishes not usually found on any restaurant menu in the city. This gastro-experience brand proposes to have one such #OFFMENU day every quarter, bringing together all their home chef partners to create a foodie’s dream! 

Gitika of PakGhor will introduce you to Assamese tribal food while The Bawi Bride is doing grand wedding feast themed lunch – The Lagan Nu Bhono in a beautiful old Parsi house in Jogeshwari. Poppadum is going on an decadent Arabic adventure with the Malabari Muslim Meal in Bandra East and Roger debuting the memories of his Goan childhood with Susegad Sunday in Vikhroli. Lastly theThe Mighty Maharaj is experimenting with a Mango Thali in south Bombay while Ben the Ramen Ninja of Bandra is going all out to make the perfect pork broth for his Ramen Reverie


Event: An Assamese Tribal Lunch with Gitika

Description: It will take an Assamese lady with exceptional cooking skills to make your realize how terribly your city-bred taste buds have been deprived of the fantastic flavours of authentic tribal food and Gitika is that lady. Not only thing from her exotic menu is sourced from Mumbai – all of it comes directly from her village in Assam including the bhaat. Look forward to impossible to pronounce and delicious to eat dishes like KothalgutiaruRongalauPaat - pumpkin leaves cooked with jackfruit seeds, KoldilAruTilPitika - banana flower with black sesame mash. Our favourite is Til Maas,  fish that comes in Black sesame gravy, mainly because it’s the only one we can pronounce!

Time: 12:30 pm onwards

Price: INR 1500

Location: Rising Sun Apartments, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu

Contact: +91 99204 73331


Event: Lagan Nu Bhonu with Bawi Bride

Description: How long can you wait to be invited to a Parsi wedding feast before you ultimately gatecrash one? In the interest of saving weddings from gatecrashing foodies, the Bawi Bride has come up with a special limited edition LAGAN NU BHONU menu. You will be served wedding classics like Mutton Pulao Dal (which seems not to care that it combines three food groups in one), satisfyingly crispy Salli Chicken and a creamy white Saas Ni Machchi.

Time: 01:00 pm onwards

Price: INR 2000

Location: JerVilla, Malcolm Baug, Jogeshwari (West)

Contact: +91 99204 73331


Event: The Malabari Muslim meal with Poppadum

Description: The result of Muslims being in Kerala since the 7th AD is a rich, decadent cuisine that is a beautiful amalgamation of coastalMalabari and Persian influences with triumphs like Deep Fried Egg stuffed with Coconut, Mutton Fry with a Arabic twist, MalabariDaal with fragrant Ghee Rice that sparkles with spices, the traditional “Squid Roast’, and a rich Malabari Mutton Curry made with raw bananas. There is no word to describe this gorgeousness so we won’t even try!

Time: 01:30pm

Price:  INR 2000

Location:  MIG Colony, Near Jade Gardens, Bandra (East)

Contact: +91 99204 73331


Susegad Sunday’s with Roger

Description:  Susegad is a state of mind and we promise that this mood will prevail upon you the minute the first plate of Prawn Pappad appears on your table. This will be followed by a thick Pork Sorpotel, a hearty Goan Sausage Pulao, and succulent Pork Chops.  The only other protein that Roger believes in is seafood. If you ask him for something vegetarian, he will look at you in panic and direct you to the Sanaas - soft, rice cakes, but even the accompanying pickle will most likely be made from prawns.

Time: 01:00 pm onwards

Price : INR 1500

Location : Godrej Hillside Colony, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (West)

Contact: +91 99204 73331


The Mango Thali with the Mighty Maharaj

Description: Every authentic Gujarati thali worth its jaggery has been cooked by that stalwart of the Gujarati kitchen- the mighty Maharaj. This summer, the Mehtas invite you to taste his version of the Mango Thali, which dots your plate with the shades of season. The Maharaj is making Mango & Yoghurt Kadhi, thick yellow Aamras, and special mango pickles. We promise you that pure, vegetarian food has never before been this colorful or delicious. 

Time: 01:00 pm onwards

Price : NR 1500

Location :  Near YB Chavan Centre, General JagannathBhosle Road, Nariman Point

Contact: +91 99204 73331


The Ramen Reverie with Ben

Description: Ben is not a professional cook but he fusses over his ramen with the kind of manic detail that makes most pro chefs look like slobs. He spends a minimum of six hours each only on the two broths that together make the soul of his salty, addictive dish and he roasts his Yorkshire pork belly for three hours so that it may be sliced to float on the bowl like little jewels of joy. And even though the idea of vegetarian ramen seems like blasphemy, he has still found it in his heart to do a veggie ramen… which is surprisingly good!

Time: 01:00 pm onwards

Price – INR 1600

Location – Pali Naka, Near Gold’s Gym, Bandra (West)

Contact: +91 99204 73331


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