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About The Event

One's philosophy is not best communicated in words; it is imparted in the choices one makes and the choices we make are our definitive responsibility. The Temenos Gatherings 2017 is an ultimate place to meet and trade thoughts with many other change pioneers and mentors. It's not just U.S. or India, People from way across the globe are coming to become a part of this eye-opening notion.

Almost every enterprise transformation team overstates the degree to which they can control negative effects of change and underestimates the time, collaborative energy and money it would take to prepare for the change

Siraj Sirajuddin

   Founder, Temenos

 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE / don't forget it!

Sat, Jan 14 — Tue, Jan 17
SAT (01/14)
4pm - 6pm Networking and Reception
6pm - 8pm Welcome and Introductions by Speed Temenos
8pm - 10pm Dinner


SUN (01/15)
6am - 8am Breakfast
8am - 10am Introduction - Opening Remarks - PM Session – I (Common)
10am - 12pm PM Session – II (Breakout Containers)
12pm - 2pm Lunch Break
2pm - 6pm PM Session – III (Breakout Containers)
6pm - 8pm Dinner Break
8pm - 10pm PM Session – IV (Breakout Containers)


MON (01/16)
6am - 8am Breakfast
8am – 12pm CS Session – I (Breakout Containers)
12pm - 2pm Lunch Break
2pm - 6pm CS Session – II (Breakout Containers)
6pm - 8pm Dinner Break
8pm - 10pm PV Session – I (Common)
TUE (01/17)
6am - 8am Breakfast
8am – 12pm PV Session – II (Breakout Containers)
12pm - 2pm Lunch & Closing (Common)
First Vision Temenos (Monday, Jan 16, 2017 - 10pm to 6am IST - LIVE at Bengaluru India and online globally wherever you are)

The Vision Temenos is a collective dreaming container for Wounded Healers / Change Agents and Agile Coaches to go into their dreams and access and activate their True Personal Vision.

This all night, magical session will be accompanied by visionary guided meditation, inspiring melodies and gentle music - a lullaby to the dreamers on their enchanting journey inward and deep into their creative soul.

Bring your pillows and blankets! Pajamas optional!


 CONFERENCE FACILITATORS / meet the greeters

Our Facilitators are awesome! They are Titans of their own field. So it's a great opportunity to learn something worthy, which can make your life insightful. Come & enjoy this journey with knowledge and joy.



TEMENOS VISION LABS / Your Message and Your Voice

Be a wounded healer/change agent, you have to articulate how the change manifestation will look like. Your answers are right here - As an individual, how to unlock the intrinsic motivation? And as a leader, how can you possibly influence people’s hearts?

Let’s not forget the difficulties of approaching the weak, vulnerable, uncomfortable, lonely, and broken sides of people. But you must remember, what a person (She/he) desires the most is to reconcile with the life by finding personal healing in the healing of the collective.

Do all these above stories stir your being? If so, Come and join the retreat of emotional, empathetic and healing leaders to solidify the essential qualities into habits and utterly change the way you communicate with the world around you.



Contact Person

For any clarification and/or discussion, please forward your queries to chaithra, / (+91) 9901015895 

Visit our The Temenos Effecct gathering 2017 page ( and websites for more information.

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