Book Online Tickets for The TED Worldwide Talent Search, Bengaluru. The theme of TED2013 is \\\'The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.\\\' and  TED has launched a worldwide talent search to bring together the most  remarkable lineup in TED\\\'s history, the TED Worldwide Auditions.  We a

The TED Worldwide Talent Search


About The Event

The theme of TED2013 is 'The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.' and TED has launched a worldwide talent search to bring together the most remarkable lineup in TED's history, the TED Worldwide Auditions.

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the TED Worldwide Talent Search in Bangalore on May 20th at Mount Carmel College from 2 - 7 PM.

It is amazing to note that TED wants to highlight the best voices from our region on the TED stage in 2013 -- we can't wait to see who auditions! Please spread the word about TED auditions to your local community and networks.

Who are we showcasing?
  • THE INVENTOR ... sharing an innovation with world-changing potential
  • THE TEACHER ... sharing valuable knowledge in a memorable way to teenagers or adults
  • THE PRODIGY ... young talent ready to break out
  • THE ARTIST ... who can showcase their work in a compelling, new way (Don't just talk about it. Show us your work!)
  • THE PERFORMER ... music, dance, comedy, drama ... or something entirely different
  • THE SAGE ... wisdom the world needs from those who have learned it the hard way
  • THE ENTHUSIAST ... with an infectious passion about a topic they can share
  • THE CHANGE AGENT ... helping shape the world's future with work that matters
  • THE STORYTELLER ... vivid, original, meaningful ... with a talent for connection
  • THE SPARK ... with a powerful idea worth spreading
For more information on the TED Worldwide Auditions, please visit the TED2013 audition website.

We look forward to hosting you all over the weekend of May 20th.

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