The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Party Of The Year with DJ Jack Anderson at Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road

The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Party Of The Year with DJ Jack Anderson at Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road


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About The Event

Genre: Dance/Party/EDM/Reggae

Cast and Crew (performing artist info)



DJ Jack Anderson - Firmly believing that music is a “connecting bridge between Heaven and Earth”, DJ and

producer, Jack Anderson is an unparalleled experience. Dynamic, dark, clinical and powerful sounds that

can evolve your mind, best describe his productions.

Jack does not simply entertain the audience with his euphonic sessions – he inspires, motivates and

energizes people. His interaction and connection with the crowd, combined with his lively and robust

sets, navigates you through a musical escapade - through different moods, right up to a climax. His

precisely primed live sets voyage from stripped-down, raw sounds to textural atmospherics, lush sonic

tapestries, clear and focused bass lines and rhythmic techno.

As a producer, Jack’s sounds provoke real emotional responses - the amplitudes exude intensity and

power, the melodies complement joy and tranquility, and the rhythms induce bliss. The inspiration for

this unique blend of sounds comes influential talents such as Richie Hawtin, Jon Hopkins, Porter

Robinson, Carl Cox, Kygo and many more. The strength of his creativity is found in the way the energy of

the sound combines with his thought-provoking production values and advanced compositional skills. As

shown by his take on House and Techno - he chooses this particular approach to sound, as a way to

express himself through deep beats, punchy groove and dense atmosphere. He makes music with a

forward-thinking attitude that also reflects within his vision as an artist.

He showcases his mettle by adding his own personal touch to the classic pillars of House & Techno. His

hunger, technical ability and energy will leave you impressed every time he plays and where words fail,

his music speaks.

 Age limit to buy a ticket: 18 and above


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