Book Online Tickets for THE STRONG CONNECTION - Develop the art , Faridabad. TSC is back.A ground breaking workshop on human relationships and behavioral excellence. (For professionals, parents, couples, students, entrepreneurs, educators and anyone who deals with people in any way.)“Our success in professional and

THE STRONG CONNECTION - Develop the art of connecting with people, especial


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About The Event

TSC is back.
A ground breaking workshop on human relationships and behavioral excellence. 
(For professionals, parents, couples, students, entrepreneurs, educators and anyone who deals with people in any way.)

“Our success in professional and personal world largely depends on how we get along with people who matters in our lives. Human relations are the most important science today.”

The workshop is based on the latest discoveries in the field of Behavioral Sciences & Emotional Intelligence.

"What lies in front of us and what lies behind us are small matters, compared to what lies inside us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.


We are surrounded by people everywhere; at home, at work, at social events everywhere and moreover we are surrounded by people who are different than us, who are louder, calmer, proactive, more perfection oriented, more ambitious, in other words different than us. And our success as a social animal depends greatly on how we deal with and connect with people who are around us everywhere. Our quality of relationships, our love life, and our professional success, even our emotional and physical health largely depends on how we deal with and get along with others who matters to us in our lives and also with our own selves.

Success and failure in life is largely the matter of human relationships. Its a matter of the kind of reaction we get by our family members, customers, employees, fellow workers and associates. If this reaction is favorable we are quite likely to succeed. If the reaction is unfavorable, we are doomed. The deadly sin in our relationship with people is that we take them for granted. We do not make an active or continuous effort to do and say things that will make them trust on us and believe us. 

And there is one more relationship which needs to be taken care of before anything else, and ie. Our relationships with our own self. We need to connect with our own self before connecting with others around us, because if we are not comfortable and at peace with ourselves, we cannot be comfortable and with peace with anyone around us. 

The workshop is exactly designed for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with important people in our lives, especially with our own self. It will not only introduce us to our true self but also help us to see our most important relationships in an entirely different perspective and connect with them on deeper level. 

The workshop will not only show us how we see the world but also how people perceive us, not only how to get along with anyone but also how to speak up for our own self, not only how to understand others point of view but also how to put our point across effectively, not only how to maintain good relationships but how to connect with others on deeper level.
OUR WORKSHOP EXPERT : Know Your True Self Research & Training Academy & Lakshya Training & Consulting, committed to bring the best content through the Experts, proud to announce The Expert Speakers of THE STRONG CONNECTION workshop : 

MAHESH SHARMA - Life Coach, Speaker and one of the pioneer promoter of emotional health and well-being in country. He is the creator of many workshops in the field of behavioral studies, energy psychology and emotional intelligence and now on a mission to promote and spread awareness about emotional health and well-being to the masses in the country.

Venue : Hotel Express Sarovar, Portico.
Timings : 10.00am - 5.00pm

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