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The streets is an open to all Tournament. Anybody above 16 Years can participate in it. 1[[-q[
Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament
8 Overs Match.
Knock Out + League Matches.
Super 16 Teams will be selected for League Match.



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About The Event


The streets is an open to all Tournament. Anybody above 16 Years can participate in it. 1[[-q[

Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament

8 Overs Match.

Knock Out + League Matches.

Super 16 Teams will be selected for League Match.

Registration Closes by July 30, 2016.

Inventory : 512 Teams.

WINNER : 1 Lakh

RUNNER : Rs.50,000

Man of the series : Rs.10,000








  1. A player can play for one team only.
  2. Nobody is allowed to switch a team or add any player after the player registration deadline.
  3. If any team likes to replace the player permanent, they need to put the request to The Streets committee.
  4. ID Proof & Passport size should be submitted to the organizer at the time of registration. And for every match, players should carry any one of their ID Proof for verification process.
  5. The players list given in the Form cannot be changed or altered unless any unavoidable circumstances.
  6. Sport Shoes, Jersey & Track pants Compulsory. Shorts, Formal pant & Jean, Formal shoes, slippers & bare foot are strictly not allowed.
  7. During the tournament all participants are expected to behave professionally and should avoid abusive language / gestures / questioning umpires’ decisions. Any objection against umpire or umpire’s decision will not be accepted and if any player performs abusive language / gestures / questioning umpires’ decisions, that player or that company shall be disqualified and henceforth be exiled from the tournament with immediate effect.
  8. Event Production will not be responsible for any loss of life, or injury to players in course of the match/tournament.
  9. Tournament authority reserves the right to choose the venue for tournament matches.
  10. Match will begin on the stipulated time. Teams should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled match time. If any team arrives 30 minutes late than the scheduled start time of the match in that case, the match would be treated as forfeited and the other team shall get a walkover.
  11. Player should wear the jersey while playing matches.
  12. No alcoholic beverages are allowed. Teams found guilty of this will be suspended immediately from the whole tournament.
  13. Any disputes/complaints by a team will have to be formally reported with the organizing committee only by the team captain or team manager immediately upon completion of the match. Moreover the complaining team's captain shall need to be specific about his complaint and both the captains should cooperate with a detailed scrutiny of both teams.
  14.  In case of any injury or accident, the organizer is not responsible and will not bear the expense.
  15.  The organizers are not responsible for the postponement of the event due to any unforeseen/ natural circumstances.
  16.  Request for postponement and/or shifting of matches shall not be entertained.
  17.  Violation/deviation from the above restriction will lead to award suspension of play.
  18.  Registration fee will not be re-funded at any cost.
  19. Gift Tax as per Govt. rules will be deducted from the Prize Money.
  20. Match Duration is 60 Minutes excluding 10 Minutes Break.





  1. Each match will be limited to 08 over a side in the matches.
  2. The bowling team can approach the umpire for requesting a ball change. The change can be made only on the sole decision of the umpire.
  3. Not more than 2 bowlers will be allowed to bowl 3 overs in an innings.
  4. There will be an interval of 10 minutes between the two innings. On the short Tea/Drink Break after 08 over, any other supporter or employee except 12th man should not appear at the playing ground and the player should not leave the ground.
  5. If both teams are not present for the match on the scheduled time, the maximum over may be restricted or the match would be considered tie. In the event of a tie in a match. This decision right is solely with the Organizer
  6. In case one side has played the full quota of over before bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances delay the start of the opposing team's innings, it would be left to the discretion of the umpires officiating in that match to decide the number of over that would be taken into consideration for deciding the match. The basis may be the total runs scored or run rate in the first 3, 6 or 8 over played by the team batting first, depending on the time available.
  7. If the match is interrupted / abandoned due to bad weather, the umpire or organizer will decide how to carry out the match towards the result and will notify both the teams on that day.
  8. A bowler shall be limited to one fast short-pitched delivery per over. A short-pitched delivery is defined as a ball which passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease.
  9. Any delivery which passes or would have passed on the full above waist height of the striker standing upright at the crease is deemed unfair.
  10. In the event of a bowler bowling a high full pitched ball as defined above, the umpire shall call and signal no ball.
  11. If, in the opinion of the umpire, such a delivery is considered likely to inflict physical injury on the batsman, the umpire at the bowler’s end shall, in addition to calling and signaling no ball, when the ball is dead, caution the bowler and issue a first and final warning. The umpire shall inform the other umpire, the captain of the fielding side and the batsmen at the wicket of what has occurred.
  12. Total 11 Player + 2 Substitutes in a team.
  13. Each match would be adjudicated by the umpires and organizer. The decision of the umpires would be final and binding on both the teams.
  14. Every team has to carry its own playing kit without ball and stump.
  15. No one except the players is allowed in the field when the match is running.
  16. If rain interrupts between the match before an innings was bowled, the organizer may re-schedule the match. Run-rate will be calculated to decide the winners in case 5 overs have been bowled in the second innings.
  17. If a fielder fails to take the field with his side at the start of the match or at any later time, or leaves the field during a session of play, the umpire shall be informed of the reason for his absence, and he shall not thereafter come on to the field during a session of play without the consent of the umpire. The umpire shall give such consent as soon as practicable.
  18.  If by the end of 2 innings both teams score the same runs then each team will play one extra over (super over) to decide match result.
  19.  The restriction above shall not apply if the player has suffered an external blow (as opposed to an internal injury such as a pulled muscle) while participating earlier in the match and consequently been forced to leave the field. Nor shall it apply if the player has been absent for very exceptional and wholly acceptable reasons (other than injury or illness).
  20. Fielding restriction will be applied for the first 4 overs of 8 overs game.
  21.  There is a free-hit rule after a front foot no-ball.
  22.  In a delayed game start/resumption, each 10 minutes of delay will result in the offending team being penalized 1 over. Umpires will be in charge to enforce this. If a game gets delayed by 30 minutes or more, the offending team will be considered as losing the game and opposing team will be awarded the win.


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