Workshop for entrepreneurs and startups in Bangalore on how to create a brand for your business and launch it to success.

The Startup Sequence


  • Standard Ticket

    Standard ticket will give you access to The Startup Sequence Workshop and High Tea after the event network with other like minded entrepreneurs and business owners.

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    VIP ticket will give you access to The Startup Sequence Workshop, High Tea and Dinner with Chinmai a...t Ramada Bangalore and get to ask your startup questions.

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About The Event

Kickstarter Sequence Bootcamp

How to Build your Brand & take your Business to the next level.


Invest 4 hrs towards transforming your life into a Blockbuster.


The venue will be held at Ramada Bangalore in the Orchid Hall.


My workshops in UK are priced at £297 and my clients pay me thousands of pounds for 1-1 coaching sessions; however when you attend the workshop you only have to pay INR 500, that’s right. The cost of the ticket is no more than a movie ticket. 
Be warned: this is a closed door workshop with limited seating (max 50) and already 35 have booked.
Since Bengaluru is my home town and I love the city. 

For the very first time, I will be holding a short and powerful 4 hr workshop: The Startup Sequence workshop for you and your business partners.
  • I am good at building brands and transforming businesses and I love doing it.
  • I want to help you to launch your business, create your brand so that you will position yourself in the market and become the go to business and attract your ideal customers.


Why is Branding So Important for the success of your startup?


We live in the Entrepreneurial era, everybody can start a business from their home. We have to tools and the resources to make our dreams become a reality. Yet, 3 out of 5 startups fail to reach their 2 year anniversary and make any sort of impact in the market. WHY? Because they plan by failing to invest time and focus in the very foundation of their business – The Branding.
Branding is not about logo design, not about making your website look modern. Branding is much more, it’s about creating an identity for your business in the hearts and minds of your customers so that you can influence their buying decisions.
In this Startup Sequence Workshop, you will get the step-by-step guide to work develop and create your Brand, you will also get the framework to market your business in the right market to your ideal customers and you will go home with The Business Booster Map which will guide you when you to overcome hurdles .

4 Hour Workshop Reveals... The Ultimate Startup Sequence To Kickstart your Business Idea, Build a Brand and Position Yourself in the Market to Attract Your Ideal Customers.



 So, When you attend this workshop:

  1. Transform your mindset to become the ultimate entrepreneur
  2. How to create and unleash your 5 star brand – step by step guide
  3. How to launch your startup and get early adopters with ZERO investment
  4. How to create WOW experiences for your customers so that they come back for more
  5. Share with you The Campaign Builder Blueprint


About Chinmai Swamy 


I have been helping entrepreneurs like yourself to kickstart and launch business ideas for a long time in UK and across the world. 

I'm Chinmai Swamy, the award winning authorinternational speaker and the creator of the Brand Marketing Academy...a powerful tailor made coaching platform that's currently being used by over 1100 business owners and entrepreneurs. My brand building strategies have helped businesses to get noticed in the crowded market and connect with their idea customers; my lead generation and sales conversion tactics have helped them to increase their bottom-line profits - but more importantly I have helped many entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams. This is the part which makes me want to work hard.


My work has also got me an acknowledgement letter from Her Majesty, The Queen and from UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron.

  • Have published 2 award winning books
  • Have spoken in front of thousands of entrepreneurs from all of the world
  • Currently the Startup Mentor at Virgin Startups
  • Received letters of acknowledge from Her Majesty the Queen and Prime Minister of UK
  • Created an online academy for businesses to learn how to win customers
  • Helped startups create 6 figure businesses
  • Have won an award for helping startups


Real people! Real Results!






4 Hour Workshop Reveals... The Ultimate Startup Sequence To Kickstart your Business Idea, Build a Brand and Position Yourself in the Market to Attract Your Ideal Customers.

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