The Self-Love Workshop

The Self-Love Workshop


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About The Event

Do you have difficulty in expressing yourself? Do you feel insecure about your looks or physical features? Do you have low self esteem, shyness or social anxiety? Do you feel confident in being yourself anywhere, anytime?

A lot of us have parts within us that we don't accept. We don't like how overweight we are or how lazy we are, how we procrastinate. Some of us don’t like how we get angry or jealous with others, etc. Sometimes we don't accept our lack of confidence, our shyness. And by not accepting these parts, we become disintegrated. However, in a healthy and integrated individual, all parts communicate, interact and exist harmoniously. By accepting and loving ourselves just the way we are, we open doors to massive inner growth, happiness and peace.

We bring to you an opportunity to fall in love unconditionally with the person who matters the most in your life - you.

You will learn how to:
* let go of insecurities
* accept and love yourself unconditionally
* express yourself creatively
* develop a healthy self-esteem and self-image
* forgive yourself
* exercise courage and reach true inner confidence
* be your authentic self in any situation
* communicate with yourself and others in a joyful, compassionate way.

What you will receive:
+ A 30-day transformation plan.
+ Guided self-love meditation audio.
+ Email assistance for 30 days.
+ A copy of Unconditional Self-Love Manifesto(an ebook by Sagar Takker).
+ A joyful learning experience.

"I was a part of the happiness workshop facilitated by Sagar. I have seen this humble engineer turn into a master life hacker. All the hacks he talks about are surprisingly simple in implementation and earnestly efficient in showing results. It's always a pleasure learning from him." - Jappan Singh, Founder, Clothier

"The workshop gave me a new perspective on life and happiness. It inspired me to make a lifelong commitment towards self-mastery and self-awareness. I feel so good to finally fall in love with myself." - Dr. Neelam Kapoor

Facilitator's Profile:

Sagar Takker is a renowned Confidence Coach and founder of ConfidentFromWithin. While pursuing electronics and communication engineering from NSIT, New Delhi, he realised his love for psychology, the working of mind and life in general. He holds a certification in hypnotherapy from Hypnotherapy School Of India. His passion and interest in self-improvement has earned him various certifications like Competent Communicator and Competent Leader from Toastmasters International, A Life of Happiness and Fulfilment course certificate from Indian School of Business and more. He has guided and inspired hundreds of people to realise their real potential and unleash true inner confidence. He has authored three books on subjects ranging from emotional mastery to letting go of addictions. He is an avid reader and loves to meditate, connect with nature and enjoy every moment of his life. He intends to spread love, joy and peace through his various creative endeavours.

Contribution for participation: Rs. 1000
For registrations, contact: 9717244789

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