The Science Of Becoming Rich Seminar

The Science Of Becoming Rich Seminar


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The Science of Becoming Rich Seminar will teach you the time tested secrets of attracting money in your life. Money flows in the life of people who know how to vibrate in the synchronized band of prosperity in which all money exists. There are laws of money which, if learned, will propel you in the zone of affluence. This seminar will be conducted by the renowned trainer and corporate coach Yogeshwar Vashishtha who has helped thousands of people to attain financial freedom in the last seven years, since he returned back to India, after being a NRI for many years. Yogeshwar has done his M.Tech. from IIT and when he was in South America, he came in touch with Masters in Peru who taught him these money making secrets after which, he came back to India, and devoted his life to bring change in other peoples life's. If you are experiencing problems and challenges concerning money, please come and attend this one day seminar to start attracting money in your life. 

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