The Ramayana - Theatre Performance

The Ramayana - Theatre Performance


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Gopal Sharman's world-famous stage production - The Ramayana - Theatre Performance.

Forty years ago, Gopal Sharman's contemporary dramatic interpretation of The Ramayana took the international theatre world by storm. With performances on Broadway, the West End, United Nations Headquarters, National Theatres of Europe, Canada, as far as the Fiji Islands, 35 Indian cities and towns: from Mumbai to Manipal, Kolkata to Jammu, Delhi to Calicut, The Ramayana-- performed in English by legendary actress Jalabala Vaidya in a solo tour de force, to packed houses, rave reviews and standing ovations worldwide - created dramatic history.

Four decades later, Gopal Sharman and Jalabala Vaidya are set to recreate theatre history with a new production of The Ramayana, performed by Jalabala Vaidya with a young cast of exciting theatrical talent.

They include Jalabala's talented grand-daughter Nisa as Sita, with Vikalp Mudgal playing Rama and Vidur Mohan playing Ravana. Kritika Pande playing Mandodari, Mahant Shah and Dhruv Shetty as Hanuman, Abhinav Mehra as Bharata, Abhinav Chand as Lakshmana, Zahed Aman Khan as Prahasta, as well as Sachin Sikri, S. Gayathri and Yashna. Jalabala Vaidya takes on the parts of the Contemporary Person, the Katha Vachaka, Dasharatha, Rama and Sita at different points in the play, creating an exciting and innovative theatrical experience.

The production retains the dramatic intensity of Gopal Sharman's script, which led the New York Times to dub it as 'India's Gift to Broadway', exploring the human characters of Rama and Sita, with reverence, delicacy and insight, through some of the most exquisite stage writing in modern theatre.

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