Book Online Tickets for The Niagara Falls of India, Hyderabad. Info:Trekking grade: EasyEndurance grade: EasyMode of transport: Bus (Pushback)Height of falls: 95ftNumber of slots: 18+2Places to cover:a) Chitrakote waterfalls:Chitrakote waterfalls are located on river Indravati in Vindhya ranges of Chattishgarh.

The Niagara Falls of India


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About The Event

Trekking grade: Easy
Endurance grade: Easy
Mode of transport: Bus (Pushback)
Height of falls: 95ft
Number of slots: 18+2

Places to cover:
a) Chitrakote waterfalls:
Chitrakote waterfalls are located on river Indravati in Vindhya ranges of Chattishgarh. Because of its widespread horseshoe gorge, it is often called as "The Niagara Falls of India".

It is the second widest waterfall of Asia. And, the widest waterfall of India. Spreads around 350 meters during monsoon.

Local boatmen lead us to stunning sites near the spray below the waterfall to witness Chitrakote Falls in full glory. The view of the waterfall at sunrise/midday/sunset and the changing hues around it is a sight to remember. The rainbow on water sprays and shadows of us on water breeze are splendid, one has to visit Chitrakote to experience.

Camping: We'll be camping on the river bed of Indravati, where we'll be facing the Chitrakote falls. Early morning, you can take a dip or swim in water. (Don't worry! We will issue life jacket)

b) Tirathgarh waterfalls:
Height: 299ft (in 3 drops)
The region is replete with lesser-known wonders of Chattishgarh that have still not turned into a tourist hub. Besides Chitrakote, the Tirathgarh Waterfall is another magical site that cannot be missed on this trip.

c) Kotumsar caves:
Length: 1327 meter
Kotumsar cave was initially named Gopansar cave (Gopan = hidden) but the present name Kotumsar became more popular as the cave is located near a village named ‘Kotumsar’

The cave is subject to frequent flooding during the monsoon season, which generally begins in the middle of June and continues until the middle of October. The site is closed to tourists during this period. Various water pools fed by seepage throughout the year also exist in this cave (You can see blind cave-fish here)
Adventures sports & activities: (Included in event cost)
i) River crossing
ii) Boating
iii) Archery / Badminton / Volleyball / Trampoline
iv) Flying fox
v) Campfire
vi) Camping

Things to bring:
Sleeping bag/Thin blanket
2 pair clothes
3 extra pairs of socks
Water bottle (2)
Toilet kit

Walking/Trekking/Sports shoes
Photo ID with Photo and signature on it

Energy bars, dry fruits, ORS etc
Itinerary: (Tentative)
Friday :-
06:00 PM : start at Hyd

Saturday :-
- Reach Chitrakote
- Adventure activities
- Camping at Chitrakote (Sunset also)

Sunday :-
- Tirathgarh waterfalls
- Kotumsar Caves
- Start for Hyderabad

Monday :-
06:00 AM : Reach Hyderabad back

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