The MotoGrapher Chronicles - Photography Exhibition

The MotoGrapher Chronicles - Photography Exhibition


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IndiPix Gallery presents 'The MotoGrapher Chronicles' a Solo Photography Exhibition by Sundeep Gajjar.

Sundeep Gajjar, 31, has been traveling on Superbikes since 2006. Since then he has covered ten countries on some of the world's most spectacular motorcycles. A need to capture his rides gave rise to his interest in photography, which today is one of his main reasons of going on cross country rides. Serendipitously enough, he coined the term MotoGraphy along the way, which is today used by many as a generic term to describe this kind of photography.

His methods are not clinical. Most photos are shot during a long riding day, with available light and locations. This makes his photos a lot more fun, impromptu and in situ than any setup could be. His photography involves an eclectic mix of adventure, travel, visual arts and the element of uncertainty of discovering new vistas. Each of his photos has a story before and after it. It could be a quick in-house studio setup or a 1000 mile journey through empty lands before that shot was taken - come and have a look for yourself.

Sundeep is also known as Sunny / motoGrapher in the biking fraternity. He founded the xBhp Motorcycling platform in 2002, which today encompasses a nationwide community, India's most popular motorcycling portal and India's highest quality motorcycling lifestyle magazine. He is also one of the 12 Canon Pro Panelists in India.

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