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The Mithi River Race


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About The Event


Ecofolks & Greenaiders Presents


The Mithi River Race Half Marathon, 10km, 5km.


The Cause    

‘Rivers are the Lifelines of this Planet’ & to drive this point, the last Sunday of September is celebrated as World Rivers Day all across the globe since 1980.


Mumbai has four major rivers running across the city and the most prominent one being Mithi river, which got noticed after the unfortunate Mumbai deluge in the year 2005. Abused over the ages and being dumped with all kind of harmful waste products like chemicals and plastic, the once smooth flowing and beautiful river has been turned into a sewer, beyond all recognition.


All of Mumbai's four major rivers originate in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali. And, it's only within the park that the rivers are relatively clean. They begin to get polluted as soon as they exit its protected natural environs and enter the city.


The Mithi begins from the overflow of the Vihar and Powai lakes. Madhav Chitale, who prepared a report on the causes of the 2005 flood for the state government, says, "The Mithi River gets polluted as soon as it leaves the national park. Within the park, the only pollution is from leaves that fall from trees. If these are not removed, they become muck. Yet the river is as clean as it can be in the park."


The Reason

A River is essentially ‘Energy of Water’, while Marathon is about ‘Energy of People’.

Rivers signify the Flow & Purity as against stagnation and Marathons nurtures a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body as against Inactivity.

Rivers connect cities & civilization like running & cycling does to our higher self and our community.


Running is the most popular recreational & economic activity the world over requiring only a pair of shoes. Of all the sporting activity, Running has emerged to be the largest and the most active community, not only on the roads but on social media as well. With close to 40,000 runners participating in Mumbai Marathon & equal number being declined from participation speaks about the popularity of running. Ecofolks has been chasing the goal of increasing the Green footprint has been instrumental in bringing people close to Mother Nature through various Running events ( events remains the most effective medium for generating mass awareness about social issues world over.                                                         


The Team

Ecofolks is a collaborative team of nature and adventure enthusiast from different fields of life working towards building harmonious relations between humans and nature.  It is involved in creating niche events around various environmental issues for different Target groups. It’s successful projects includes the first of its kind- 24 hour environment photography competition held annually in Mumbai-FOTOTHON (  supported by Government of Maharashtra and for the past three years has seen over seven hundred participants.


Ecofolks also conceptualized a marathon in the hill station of Matheran under the banner of ‘Man and Mountain Meet’ called MATHE-RUN ( to celebrate International Mountains Day ( 11th Dec) to bring about awareness amongst locals as well as tourists about the issues plaguing the hill station.


The Support

We have found strong support from the following organizations who not only share our sentiment but would also like to help us spread this message.


Sofitel Mumbai BKC : ( Sofitel is the only French luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents with 120 addresses, in almost 40 countries (more than 30,000 rooms). Sofitel offers contemporary hotels and resorts adapted to today’s more demanding and more versatile consumers who expect and appreciate beauty, quality and excellence. Whether situated in the heart of a major city like Paris, London, New York, Shanghai or Beijing, or nestled away in a country landscape in Morocco, Egypt, French Polynesia or Thailand, each Sofitel property offers a genuine experience of the French “art de vivre”.


Maharashtra Pollution Control Board:  ( Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) is implementing various environmental legislations in the state of Maharashtra, mainly including Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, Water (Cess) Act, 1977. MPCB is functioning under the administrative control of Environment Department of Government of Maharashtra. 


Maharashtra Nature Park Society: ( a Trust formed by MMRDA an area of about 37 acres in the "H" Block of Bandra-Kurla Complex, which was earlier a garbage dump or land fill, was decided to be ecologically restored and developed as a Nature Park by MMRDA. Located on Bandra-Sion Link


Road and on the Southern bank of Mithi River, this mini-forest is nothing short of a miracle. Apart from being a vital green lung for pollution-ridden Mumbai, the MNP also offers Mumbai's citizenry a welcome change from the din and hustle of city life.                                                             


ICPE:  ( The Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment (ICPE) set up on the recommendation of a Task force constituted by The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF), is a body registered under Society Act on January 27, 1999. It is a nodal agency recognized by the Government of India to handle all issues related to Plastics and Environment in the country.


MFPA: ( Established in 1956, the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association (MFPA) is a registered society of disabled artists that is owned and run by the artists themselves to meet their financial needs. Members paint with the brush held in the mouth or foot as a result of a disability sustained at birth or due to an accident or illness that prevents them from using their hands.  With more than 800 artists as its members, the MFPA is spread across 74 countries and has over 50,000 paintings in its art collection.


CRKIMR : (  Chetana'sRamprasad Khandelwal Institute of Management and Research, is situated in the commune of Bandra close to the financial district at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). It is the second oldest business school in Mumbai. The Institute was founded in 1981 with the objective of not only imparting quality management education but also for overall personality development of its students. CRKIMR has come a long way in achieving these objectives and has emerged as one of the premier business schools in the country. The Institute carved a niche for itself in the field of management education and research.


Project Green Mile is a passion-driven young organization focused on creating unique events, community development activities & projects to alleviate the pain caused to nature by mankind. All activities of Project Green Mile have an underlying theme of The Cycle and uses cycling as a medium to create awareness. ‘The Smart Commute’ is one such annual event to promote cycle to work ( with many more to come soon.                                                                  


For more details, please feel free to connect with us on our coordinates below:

Mr Paresh: | 09821194396; Mr Shyam: | 09821027495

Ms Firoza: | 09820047420

Terms & Conditions

I declare, confirm and agree as follows:

(i) The information given by me in this entry form is true and I am solely responsible for the accuracy of this information;

(ii) Have fully understood the risk and responsibility of participating in the event and will be participating entirely at my own risk and responsibility;

(iii) Understand the risk of participating on a course with vehicular traffic, even if the course may be regulated / policed;

(iv) Understand that I must be of, and must train to, an appropriate level of fitness to participate in such a physically demanding event and I have obtained a medical clearance from a registered medical practitioner, allowing me to participate in the event/s;

(v) For myself/ourselves and our legal representatives, waive all claims of whatsoever nature against any and all Sponsors of the event, all political entities, authorities and officials, all contractors and construction firms working on or near the course, all Mithi River Race Committee persons, officials and volunteers, Ecofolks Ventures and all other persons and entities associated with the event and the directors, employees, agents and representatives of all or any of the aforementioned including, but not limited to, any claims that might result from me participating in the event and whether on account of illness, injury, death or otherwise;

(vi) Agree that if I am injured or taken ill or otherwise suffer any detriment whatsoever, I hereby irrevocably authorize the event officials and organizers to, at my own risk and cost, transport me to a medical facility and/or to administer emergency medical treatment and I waive all claims that might result from such transport and/or treatment or delay or deficiency therein. I shall pay or reimburse to you my medical and emergency expenses and I hereby authorize/s you to incur the same;

(vii) Shall provide to race officials such medical data relating to me as they may request. I agree that nothing herein shall oblige the event officials or organizers or any other person to incur any expense or to provide any transport or treatment;

(viii) In case of any illness or injury caused to me or death suffered by me or my due to any force majeure event including but not limited to fire, riots or other civil disturbances, earthquakes, storms, typhoons or any terrorist act, none of the sponsors of the event or any political entity or authorities and officials or any contractor or construction firms working on or near the course, or any of the Mithi River Race persons, officials or volunteers of Ecofolks Ventures or any persons or entities associated with the event or the directors, employees, agents or representatives of all or any of the aforementioned shall be held liable by me or my representatives;

(ix) Understand, agree and irrevocably permit Ecofolks Ventures. to share the information given by me in this application, with all/any entities associated with this event , at its own discretion;

(x)Understand, agree and irrevocably permit Ecofolks Ventures to my photograph and record (on film, tape, hard drive, or any other method) my performance, appearance, name and/or voice and the results in perpetuity for the purpose of promoting the Event, at its own discretion. I further authorize Ecofolks Ventures to edit the same at discretion and to include it with performance of other and with sound effects, special effects, music etc. in any manner or media whatsoever, including without limitation, unrestricted use for purpose of publicity, advertising and sales promotion; and to use my name. Ecofolks Ventures owns all rights to the results and proceeds of my services in connection herewith;

(xii) I agree to the entry terms and guidelines.

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