The Legendary GOA GIL 1Lounge Republic Festival Promo Party-25Th Jan-Sunday, Pune

The Legendary GOA GIL 1Lounge Republic Festival Promo Party-25Th Jan-Sunday


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GOA GIL-1st Gig-2015

Having been a musician all his life, 
and then doing intense Yogic practices with Gurus in the Himalayas, 
he tried to unite the two, Music and Yoga, into One Spirit befitting this Age.
The result was the Music House, the Goa Full Moon parties, 
and his concept of "Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century". 
His focus is in using the party situation as a medium to uplift the consciousness 
of the participants through the Trance Dance Experience.

He says: 
"Since the beginning of time mankind has used music and dance 
to commune with the Spirit of Nature and the Spirit of the Universe... 
We are using Trance Music and the Trance Dance Experience 
to set off a chain reaction in Consciousness..." 

"Through the Trance Dance Experience 
hopefully people will become more sensitive and aware 
of themselves, their surroundings, 
the crossroads of humanity, and the needs of the planet... 
with this Awareness comes Understanding and Compassion... 
THAT is the need of the hour, and the true Goa state of mind !!!"

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-If a guest appears intoxicated, we reserve the right not to serve them alcoholic beverages and to escort them off the premises.



Please Use Dedicated Smoking Zone Inside The Club

-The club and its external areas are Drug Free Zones.

-We request you to refrain from flash photography in the club out of respect for the artists performing and your fellow diners.


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