The Kabir Festival Mumbai 2012

The Kabir Festival Mumbai 2012


About The Event

The Kabir Festival Mumbai 2012 is a very interesting folk music and story festival in Mumbai from the 17th-19th Feb, An open and free event to all.

Kabir Festival exists to introduce the audiences of Mumbai to the message of Kabir which is perhaps even more relevant today than it was in his time. A confluence of documentary films followed by a facilitated discussion, live folk music as well as story telling sessions; all seek to foster an awareness and understanding of the message of Kabir. These multiple events will be held at different locations during the three day festival, all completely free and open to the public on first-come-first-serve basis.

What is unique this year is that the festival is not supported by a giant corporate, but by people volunteering little things to make this festival happen.

The 3 day fest will have 15 performances in all. For all venue details, date timings, and artistes’ information, click on It provides information for all the 3 days!

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