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10th anniversary celebration of the Ishara International Puppet Festival.
Since its inception from 2001, the festival has enjoyed full houses across all shows every year.
Several countries that have participated in the last 9  years besides

The Ishara Puppet Festival 2012


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10th anniversary celebration of the Ishara International Puppet Festival.

Since its inception from 2001, the festival has enjoyed full houses across all shows every year.

Several countries that have participated in the last 9 years besides India are Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Iran, USA, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Ireland and Bangladesh.

The shows range from traditional rod & string puppets to visual stories & epics.

The festival produced by Teamwork Productions, focuses on new contemporary work from India and abroad and is seen as an established platform to further multi media arts in India.

Flying Flower
Kutch Kutch Puppet Theatre, Delhi
DATE: 1st February 2012
Directed and Designed by Md. Shameem
A Series of small vignette where boy wants to gift his friend some flowers, the flowers take him on their journey through humorous incidents and foibles .A non verbal performance with Rod, objects and glove puppets. Kuch Kuch puppet theatre is Delhi's newest puppet theatre.
Founded by Md. Shameem, trained and working under the Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust, UNESCO EU - HIV awareness-substance abuse program.

Puppeteers: Md. Shameem and Abhishek Kumar
Puppets Made by – Md. Shameem
Show duration 40 minutes

Performed by: Yas-e-Tamam Theater Group Iran

DATE: 2nd February 2012
Seven stories of life, faith, freedom, miracles, biblical characters and more from the great 13th Century Sufi poet Rumi’s much loved book Masnavi are retold in this entertaining and delightful show. In A Small Green, we meet a sweet mouthed cow; while in Umar & The Harpist an old harp player gets a second chance. In The Parrot and the Merchant, we meet a clever imprisoned parrot who feigns death to be free. In the show stopper Moses & The Shepherd, the prophet Moses learns from his mistakes and apologizes to a shepherd. Every story imparts a divine & important message to the enchanted audience.

Tehran based Yase-e-Tamam was formed in 1990 by Iranian director and puppet designer ZAHRA KHIALI SABRI. The group has performed in theatres and festivals around the world including Spain, France and Lebanon. The Earth & The Universe received the jury's special prize at the 12th Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival in Tehran in 2008.

Recommended for 8 and above
Duration: 55 min

Directed by: Zahra Khyali Sabri
Mona Sarbandi
Roxana Bahram Varzani
Fatemeh Abbasi
Zohreh Baratloo

Performed by: Puppet Beings Theatre
DATE: 3rd February 2012

The story is universal and magical: what do inanimate things do when they're not being used? There are two housewives who are neighbors and constantly quarrelling with each other. While drying clothes in the backyard, they constantly compare whose clothes are more beautiful, expensive, stylish and etc. The two finally break up in discord.

In the two quarreling neighbors’ backyards, there are toys & clothes lying about, when a big red balloon comes by and touches each of them. Everything comes alive and each has its own interesting story to tell. The two neighbors and the audience learn a valuable lesson as a result of this.

After studying in the United States, CHENG-CHIEH (JACK) SUN came back to Taiwan to form The Puppet Beings Theater Company in 2000. A seasoned modern puppet performing artist, Sun's work has been acclaimed in Taiwan and across the world and his company organizes three events annually in Taiwan.

For the whole family
Duration: 60 min
Directed by: Jack Sun

Bozak Chini (The Goat and the Wolf) - Parwaz Puppet Theatre Afghanistan

DATE: 4th February 2012
A well loved, ancient children’s fairy tale, Buzak-e-Chini (a goat) and her three kids live in a jungle. One day she has to leave her kids alone and before leaving she warns them of the dangers of opening the door for strangers. Despite her warnings, a greedy wolf that joins forces with a cunning fox, jackal and raven, manages to trick the three little kids and capture them for dinner. The brave mother goat takes on the villains, before the King of all animals, the Lion, delivers a wise verdict.

PARWAZ is the first independent puppet theatre ensemble in Afghanistan, founded by young theatre professionals and supported by the Goethe-Institute, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Their goals are the revival of Afghan puppet theatre traditions, as well as the development of a modern Afghan puppet theatre. Their plays and performance for educating and entertaining the children and the youth are developed with the assistance of the German puppet theatre expert Wieland Jagodzinski, teacher at Ernst Busch Academy of Drama, Berlin.

For the whole family
Duration: 40 minutes
(Please check all these credits as I found it on their site on the net)
Director: Abdul Haq Haqjoo
Narrator, Goat: Homan Wesa
Wolf: Ahmad Nasir Formuli
Fox: Abdul Habib Tagmim
Jackal: Said-Es-Haq Hashimi
Blacksmith, Angak (Kid 1): Aimal Massoudy
Blacksmith, Bangak (Kid 2): Sharifullah Shafaq
Blacksmith, Sangak (Kid 3): Roya Hamdard
Raven: Abdul Mahfooz Nejraby
Mouse: Farzanah Yousufzai
Lion: Faram Jan Ibrahim Khail.
Design: Farzanah Yousufzai
Music: Abdul Habib, Faram Jan Ibrahim Khail & Ahmad Nasir Formuli

Performed by: Hilary Chaplain USA
DATE: 5th February 2012
A hilarious, rib-tickling, one-woman show, Chaplain creates magic by clowning around and transforming ordinary items like a lamp post and paper towels into human objects. Meet a quirky, single woman, who meets a man, falls in love, gets married, goes on a Hawaiian honeymoon and has a baby – all in a day!

It’s Charlie Chaplin & Lucille Ball’s slapstick & tragic comedy rolled into one. Audiences engage and participate in Chaplain’s wild theatrical antics and ultimately find themselves transported, moved and enriched by this extraordinary evening on the stage.

HILARY CHAPLAIN has been recognized as one of America’s foremost professional physical comediennes, performing her award winning original solo and ensemble work for over a decade throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

Director AVNER EISENBERG is a well loved American vaudeville performer, clown, mime, juggler, and sleight of hand magician. He played the title role (the Holy Man known as the "Jewel") in the 1985 hit film The Jewel of the Nile.

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Directed by: Avner Eisenberg
Created by: Hilary Chaplain with Avner Eisenberg

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